everyone in my family.... grew up?
Hannah Meloche
everyone in my family... grew up? i had to say goodbye to dean as we're gonna be doing long distance for a year RIP... but also i got to spend some quality time with the fam! ALSO HI I'M BACK... it's been wayyyy too long. i was kinda taking a break while with my family and didn't film too much but i still love a good short family vlog in michigan. i miss them all so much already. and yes i'm very emotional the hysterically crying out of the middle of nowhere has been a recent occurring activity of mine! it's out to not be okay and take a step back for yourself. would love to do a sit down video or Q&A once i'm back in hawaii hehehe so excited
i've been posting wayyyy too much on instagram if you wanna check whats up with that!
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    alexandra george


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      Christian Möller


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      Star Box

      Smart family ❤️

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      Mia Ramirez


  • Diya Pahilajani
    Diya Pahilajani

    The look of panic on Ella’s face while jack was driving is sending me

  • Josie W
    Josie W

    there are no words to express how excited i am for this video

    • ForTomorrowToday

      me too

    • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
      Lila & Caitlyn Phavis

      @Victoria Bannon aw me too

    • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
      Lila & Caitlyn Phavis


    • Victoria Bannon
      Victoria Bannon

      I miss meloche madness

  • Amelie _
    Amelie _

    She never disappoints us. her and her family is so entertaining🍿🍿

  • tess

    jack driving is so me when I was learning and always cried bc my nervous parents and brother yelled at me lol

    • Emmanuelle Schultze
      Emmanuelle Schultze

      Same mate, I love my parents but I was always anxious when driving with my parents and they were anxious when I was behind the wheel.

  • suna sun
    suna sun

    There finally back ladies and gentlemen the Meloche family... so excited.. it worth the waiting

  • Julia Orloff
    Julia Orloff

    I love how visual your vlogs are! I enjoy the chats and catch ups, but I also love the moments of you taking while you're hanging with friends, driving around, or even shopping. I always look forward to your videos because they are so entertaining and keep my attention! love you, hannah

  • Peyton Klein
    Peyton Klein


  • Sarah Paul
    Sarah Paul

    Hannah you are amazing girl!!! I’m only two mins into the vlog, but I just had to stop and say that you don’t always have to be funny or entertaining to be “interesting.” Its nice to have the small updates ab random things bc it feels like catching up with a friend. We’re all here for YOU and your content queen! So just keep doing you and don’t let anyone make you second guess yourself. Much love, xoxo

  • Sarah Patrice Vlogs
    Sarah Patrice Vlogs

    The way your mom reacts to your brother’s driving is the way my mom reacts to mine lol

  • Diya Pahilajani
    Diya Pahilajani

    Even tho Andrew took your room it’ll always be your cute room with the pictures on the wall missed but never forgotten han

  • Marie-Pascale Dupuis
    Marie-Pascale Dupuis

    I like a mix of both hannah!!! Love when u give us the rundown on ur interesting life!! But…. Also love when ur filming all the chaos around u with ur friends and fam!!💗💗 make the vids longer dude ;))

  • Molly Page
    Molly Page

    The videos you post with your family never fail to make me laugh, Hannah! Love love love

  • imnotaimee

    they've grown so much 🥺

  • Chloe Chahda
    Chloe Chahda

    Hey Hannah I just wanted to say that u are such an inspiration and I love watching ur vids!

  • Lps OtterPop Productions
    Lps OtterPop Productions

    I’ve been addicted to your videos so much lately, so to see a new upload I was so excited. Your fam is so iconic Hannah. Ilysm

  • Dina

    The driving scene is so relatable and funny😂💙

  • Camille Sebatigita
    Camille Sebatigita

    I missed these type of videos, happy to have the old Hannah back.

  • Maddy Begb
    Maddy Begb

    Being greeted with “bro” after being so excited to see your teenage brother is literally so relatable

  • Elisa Laporta
    Elisa Laporta

    Ella looking at you when your dad was talking with Jack😂😂😂 priceless

  • Adriana Garcia
    Adriana Garcia

    I love when you also have little moments in videos where you talk!! It lets us get to know you more! Love your videos

  • Julia Beatty
    Julia Beatty

    i love you so much! keep up the good work! i love the vlogs with your family, you’re the sweetest ever and i love your family

  • faigy thau
    faigy thau

    Ur family gives me life!! My family is the exact same way it’s hilarious

  • Elana Wheeler
    Elana Wheeler

    I love your talking / interactive vlogs! ❤️

  • Erica Z
    Erica Z

    this vlogs remind me of how my family used to be before my brother went to college and now i’m sad :’( you just have to cherish it while you can.

  • Annie and Jessie
    Annie and Jessie

    Crying when you're surprised like that is just an emotional reset! You need it! 😊

  • Lexie Smith
    Lexie Smith

    i love love love this family so much 😭

  • Elisa Laporta
    Elisa Laporta

    ahhhhh Im so happy for this family vlog💜

  • Kiran Kaur
    Kiran Kaur

    one of my favorite youtubers so excited to see all the upcoming videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Arriefa Juman
    Arriefa Juman

    Everybody looks so grownnnnn!! Too cute !!

  • iz

    i love when you just ramble and talk about anything!!

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith


  • Peyton

    miss hannah i have been refreshing for 6 minutes. waiting for this to be posted. SO EXCITED

  • tess

    Hannah you may not realize this but you truly are an amazing sibling for not saying anything while your brother was driving

  • l l
    l l

    “This is a hard right turn, IT MIGHT TAKE US A WHILE but that’s OK” i laughed so hard for no reason i can’t - 😂

  • Tyler Passwaters
    Tyler Passwaters

    So much love in one video. The good, bad and the ugly. ❤️

  • Stephanie 415
    Stephanie 415

    I like it when you show us what’s happening :)

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    I love ur family vlogs!!💗

  • Leah Santamaria
    Leah Santamaria

    LOVE when Hannah post!!

  • Caitlyn Bitsoi
    Caitlyn Bitsoi

    This vlog literally made my day

  • annabelleskategod b
    annabelleskategod b

    it’s so crazy to see you back in ur house

  • Trinity Willis
    Trinity Willis

    Jack and Reeve I feel you on the mom back seat driving 🤣 but they are just trying to do what best most of the time.

  • Giulia Pesce
    Giulia Pesce

    this was so cute 💓 i missed your vlogs

  • Fuzzy Stripetail
    Fuzzy Stripetail

    Of all the swan songs that Hannah had in this video, her waving goodbye to that inflatable pool swan was by far the most emotional for me.

  • Helza H
    Helza H

    the segments of jack driving were sending me lmao, i love your family so much

  • Star Box
    Star Box

    Smart family ❤️ ❤️

  • Luna Henderson
    Luna Henderson

    Literally I have been waiting for the video for weeks, I am so excited. Love you Han

  • Eleni Rehman Koukouletsou
    Eleni Rehman Koukouletsou

    I love when you talk also the video thing is awesome love you kisses from Greece ❤❤

  • tia m
    tia m

    I like when you talk in your vlogs, and i like watching you family vlogs!!

  • Selin Doygun
    Selin Doygun

    Poor jack hahaha I get driving anxiety sometimes and holy shit this would have triggered me 😂😂😂

  • A A
    A A

    Of course Hannah its the best thing to do TALK TO US!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hanna Leonard
    Hanna Leonard

    I don’t think you’re boring! I love when you talk

  • Hope Warren
    Hope Warren

    This is what I needed!! I’m happy now :)

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  • Eleanor Elaborates
    Eleanor Elaborates

    Omg, your parents sound like my parents when I drive. I literally struggle to drive as they keep telling me what to do or assume I will go one way.

    • Eleanor Elaborates
      Eleanor Elaborates

      @alex m 100 I am 22 and practicing for my drivers test. So, I guess it’s just the norm lol 😂

    • alex m 100
      alex m 100

      I’m 20 and my mom does the same thing still I’m been driving for 4 years now

  • Faith Hoover
    Faith Hoover

    I remember the days where I was a new driver and I gave my parents sass for making me nervous too haha

  • Peyton

    i love passportmoments getting frustrated with jack’s driving

  • Kinley Harris
    Kinley Harris

    Your family was Jack was driving is literally mine while I’m driving. My dad is trying to be calm while my mom is just yelling at me and making me nervous and eventually I crumble under pressure and forget how to press the break💀

  • jess

    awww your videos make me so happy🥰🥰

  • Beatrice Schierer
    Beatrice Schierer

    I love you Hannah ❤️

  • rachel

    hannah I love your videos so muchhh

  • Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA

    I've been waiting for this yessss I loved loved your vlogs and Hannah's thumbnails is amazing I'm obsessed

  • Millie Lacson
    Millie Lacson

    omg YESSS IVE BEEN SO EXCITED TO WATCH THIS YAY the meloche fam is my fave ever hannah ur my fave person

  • suna sun
    suna sun

    Omg... finally... i love you and your family seems always so sweet

  • Kayla Barry
    Kayla Barry

    When she got the whole in one I got so excited 😭 I thought I was there lmao

  • Jannae

    lol love the chaos when jack is driving

  • MsPhoenix2020

    Hahahaha the driving scene is priceless

  • MK MK
    MK MK

    I love when you talk it’s better than the other messi vlogs

  • Baylee Olataga
    Baylee Olataga

    Hannah surely you don’t think you’re not entertaining when you have over 2 mil subscribers 🤣

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    Indre R

    your family is literally goalss

  • Lydia C.
    Lydia C.

    we’ve missed u hannah!!

  • Tiff 🥀🖤
    Tiff 🥀🖤

    Meloche Madness is back BABY YESS! 🤪🥰

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  • Eve Jackson
    Eve Jackson

    I like the tally talk bc it helps me remember what’s going on lol

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  • gabby reese
    gabby reese

    plsss- Jack driving had me dead....I’m still learning how to drive too💀

    • Lila & Caitlyn Phavis
      Lila & Caitlyn Phavis

      same haha

  • trinity henry
    trinity henry

    i love talking hannah!!

  • caitlynn.xo.

    yeah definitely subscribing i love your vibe

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    alex m 100

    The driving segment was hilarious