why i'm not going back to hawaii
Hannah Meloche
why i'm not going back to hawaii.. for now. i've been struggling with my mental health for the past few months and thats okay! I'm turning to God and trusting Him and His plan. If you're going through an anxious time right now too, trust me I understand your struggle and pain, but we're going to be okay!
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  • Lydia Rodriguez
    Lydia Rodriguez

    So cool to hear you talk about your relationship with God and how you’re leaning on Him for peace through this! He is for you and absolutely has a plan for each of us :) keep on keeping on girl!

  • Brooke Bush
    Brooke Bush

    I love the transparency Hannah ♥️beautiful inside and out!!

  • Marissa

    I’m so thankful that you talk about relatable topics such as personal struggles because everyone goes through them and how you mentioned that God really gives us peace which I believe in a lot!!

  • StephanieA13

    It seems like it's really hard for you to be alone, like not with a guy or with your boyfriend and living alone. I don't think you have to live alone now but it would be good for you to be able to be alone at some point without being so anxious. Trust me, as an older person, if you can learn to be okay alone, it will take you far in life!

  • Kid Caster
    Kid Caster

    I really appreciate you taking time to talk about your struggles because everyone deals with anxiousness and stress! Recently I’ve been trying to become closer to God. Sharing your experience helps people know that they can turn to God in hard times and are not alone! You are such an amazing role model! 💕

  • Amanda Farnsworth
    Amanda Farnsworth

    The sibling bathroom dynamic in the beginning is very relatable haha

  • Sierra Shimomura
    Sierra Shimomura

    So cool to hear you talk about God and how you’re building a relationship with God and finding so much peace in it all ❤️❤️

  • Sofía Jiménez Q
    Sofía Jiménez Q

    There was a time we’re I honestly thought you were perfect because you rarely seemed to have any issue or problem in life, and I really felt bad because I would compare myself to you, but Hannah, I know this doesn’t mean you haven’t struggled in the past, but opening now to us about what your feeling is really a strong decision and I couldn’t be more proud of you🤍

  • Taylor Bentley
    Taylor Bentley

    Literally screaming and rejoicing that you are turning to God!! So happy that you found peace through Him ❤️

  • talia

    hey bb, thank u for being so honest!! my relationship w God has been a ROCK lately, i’ve been struggling mentally as well. so cool to hear you talk about it and how it has helped you with anxiety. u look radiant and i’m so excited to see your next adventures! this video was so comforting for me to watch, to know there r people going thru the same struggles as me, especially coming from someone i admire so much. love you gorgeous girl!! you’re doing amazing <3

  • Kaylin Shaye
    Kaylin Shaye

    Girl I relate to you SO much right now… unfortunately these struggles are a part of being in your 20’s :/ but it’s what you make of these struggles and how you get out of them that define who you are! You are doing AMAZING and I’ll be praying to God for you! (I’ve also turned to religion during my trying times) you are not alone, and you are beautiful and have the whole world and life ahead of you!!!

  • Autumn Brea
    Autumn Brea

    You opening up about your relationship with God & how you’re leaning on him seriously is so beautiful. With such a big platform that can be so intimidating & I just really respect you for that:) so cool to think of how many people u may have impacted by just sharing that ❤️

  • Olivia Van Petten
    Olivia Van Petten

    Listening to you talk about your experience with anxiety and growing closer to God all I could think the whole time was wow this is what you are meant to do. You are so effortlessly inspiring.

  • Julia

    i think I speak for a lot of people when I say that your willingness to put yourself out there for us and talk about your personal struggles is greatly, greatly respected and appreciated. I have also been dealing with a lot of anxiety recently and I have also found that God is the only thing that really provides me peace, so thank you so much for sharing with us hannah <3 im praying for you :))

  • Daley Griffith
    Daley Griffith

    this is amazing hannah. truly brought tears to my eyes. so proud of you and glad you could talk to us about it. most influencers now feel that they can’t speak their mind and discuss religion on their channels or social media anymore, and i’m glad that you did. stay true to yourself and good luck!! love u so much

  • G Scott
    G Scott

    " I do belong everywhere, I am needed everywhere, I do have purpose everywhere I go" I have to say, that really brought it home for me. thanks hannah, i needed that!

  • Briana Ashley
    Briana Ashley

    “You have purpose wherever you go” I absolutely love that. I used to speak so negatively about my hometown and couldn’t wait to get out and after traveling more this year, it’s out so much into perspective. You can find happiness truly wherever you are and once you kind of let go of the pressure of having it all figured out and trying to understand where exactly you need to be, you can truly be free and present where you are with family, Friends, and within yourself. Turning to God definitely helps relieve some of that pressure. And also knowing you’re exactly where you need to be for this moment. And finding peace in that is everything. I’m going to be moving to Oahu in the summer so if you extend your lease, I would love to meet up with you :)

  • Megan Manuel
    Megan Manuel

    So proud of you for opening up about this. 20’s can definitely be a scary and anxious time. I’m in a similar boat as you. I’m from GR and moved to Hawaii 2 years ago. I’m moving back to GR next month to be closer to family. My dream is to live in Tennessee 🙌🏼 so proud of you speaking about your relationship with God ❤️

  • Tay

    I didn’t grow up on a religious household but watching the video you linked really opened my eyes and inspired me. Thank you for sharing all the ups and downs in your life with us. It truly has helped me feel less alone in life’s adventures!

  • Maria Rojas
    Maria Rojas

    aww I’m so glad you turned to God and you’re feeling even just a little bit better❤️ sady’s talks are so awesome!!🤍🤍