senior year homecoming 2018: get ready with me + vlog
Hannah Meloche
my last homecoming dance... senior year homecoming 2018 get ready with me and a little vlog with my friends!!
homecoming 2017: get ready with me + vlog:
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  • itsKristiii

    Why can’t we all be blessed to have Hannah’s gorgeous natural look?

  • honeymuffinx

    i'm really glad that hannah's still getting her hs experience rather than dropping out like a lot of youtuber's. i know everyone is different and each person has their different reasons for switching to online school, etc. but i just enjoy her school vlogs and stuff and I'm glad she's still in school

  • Nikki Blasi
    Nikki Blasi

    hannah is an actual ANGEL unfair

  • Tini Gashi
    Tini Gashi

    everyone in this video looked PHENOMENAL i feel blessed

  • lina hammadeh
    lina hammadeh

    this editing is next level aesthetic-ness

  • Lizzie Fitzpatrick
    Lizzie Fitzpatrick

    hannah is a literal angel sent from heaven just so we can see what a real angel looks like

  • perpetually chaotic
    perpetually chaotic

    the way hannah was so excited about how ella looked and the way ella wanted hannah to hype her up lmao i love the meloche sisters so much

  • xoxo.angeleen


  • Emily Louise
    Emily Louise

    Hannah is actual GOALS !!

  • Calista Renee
    Calista Renee

    Hannah looks drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Marina Marquez
    Marina Marquez

    I love how low-maintenance you are, so many people put up unrealistic expectations about homecoming/Prom/school in general and you just seem so genuine and like you're actually enjoying every step of it :)

  • Jacque Marie
    Jacque Marie

    Supposed to be doing my homework but Hannah is more important!😍❤️✨ you looked like a QUEEN, ohh wait you are one !😬😍😘❤️✨

  • Kiara Madisen
    Kiara Madisen

    I still cannot get over how perfect your dress is! So glad you had such an amazing homecoming and also if your friend ever needs some extra cash I would be 100% down to pay rent to live in her stunning closet 😍😍

  • it’s chels
    it’s chels

    Can we all just be happy that Hannah lives in our generation, I’m so grateful that I have such an amazing inspiration

  • zelie vallauri
    zelie vallauri

    Hanna looks like the friend mom super calm and i love it

  • Gabriella Marvaldi
    Gabriella Marvaldi

    Who else is watching this instead of doing homework?😂🙋🏼‍♀️

  • lux lisbon
    lux lisbon

    this whole video is amazing!! i just love the energy, and i can tell you worked hard in this, hannah! <3

  • True Crime Tuesdays
    True Crime Tuesdays

    ahh so this is what small town rich america is like

  • Ivey Deville
    Ivey Deville

    omg Hanna I am so so proud of you and can’t wait for what is to come, ily💓

  • victoria pc
    victoria pc

    Can I just say how much I am thankful for Hannah. She is literally so amazing and makes everyone including me happy. Ily if u are reading this Hannah❤️