what senior prom is actually like
Hannah Meloche
what senior prom is actually like. senior prom vlog part 2! i kinda do a story time / talk about the process of prom. and i also had my guy friends vlog what they're grwm for prom from a guys perspective. it's an interesting video but here is my very last high school dance video... GRADUATION SOON
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  • Molly H
    Molly H

    I guess we’ll never know why he grilled 130 hotdogs

  • Ava Renee
    Ava Renee

    “My aunt usually cuts my hair but her hands fell off”

  • Ina Han
    Ina Han

    "my aunt's hand fell off"

  • Amelia Nap
    Amelia Nap

    Lol the guys were grilling hot dogs, selling cars and taking the SAT

  • a l e x
    a l e x

    The guys point of view are so random lol

  • aya chami
    aya chami


  • Y

    LMAO the girls were stressing and getting ready while the guys were selling cars and grilling sausages.

  • Tala

    Honestly the boys are the funniest thing ever also and you looked amazing

  • Payton and Britton
    Payton and Britton

    Ahhh we got mentioned!!! Our friends and I were in the minivan! One of our friends lives in your neighborhood-and we had prom the same day as your school! I hope you weren’t too creeped out or anything 😂 we were so excited when we saw you taking pictures! ❤️

  • Elianna


  • Justice Mariah
    Justice Mariah

    We need more vlogs from your guy friends point of views. They’re so funny

  • Ella Mason
    Ella Mason

    Guys: taking SATs, selling cars, grilling some hot dogs

  • Ali

    “i’m gonna go grill some hotdogs” LITERALLY MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS VIDEO AHAH

  • Kiara Madisen
    Kiara Madisen

    the guys vlog just made my day...if only it was that easy!

  • Emma Rutherford
    Emma Rutherford

    the footage of the guys getting ready for prom is exactly how i imagined it to be lol

  • Maggie Atienza
    Maggie Atienza

    "spent the last about 3 and a half hours grilling hot dogs. Grilled like 130ish" but.. but why? hahaha

  • Meghan Y
    Meghan Y

    luke is a beautiful human being

  • Lele 1455
    Lele 1455

    “Im gonna grill some hot dogs”.

  • Isabel Aylin
    Isabel Aylin

    these guys are selling cars, taking the SAT, and grilling hot dogs the day of prom???? Boys are blessed

  • Kyra Veiht
    Kyra Veiht

    i love how no one is talking about how hannah’s date is literally so cute, like?