my current morning routine
Hannah Meloche
my current morning routine.. the one that helps me THRIVE!
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seriously have been loving my vitamins lately they're just another thing i love to do to keep my body balanced and in CHECK.
I can't and wont live without my little routine now that i've found it i'm OBSESSED. everything from what i like to do to start my morning positive... and going on our hot girl walk together... YES. HGWC. hot. girl. walk. club.
the five minute journal:
seriously such a little thing that's helped me find gratitude DAILY and change my perspective on so much. SUCH a good way to start the day!!!
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نظر: 284
  • Ava Jules
    Ava Jules

    U calling me a little chicken made me smile thanks hannah!

  • Kaylee Zoë
    Kaylee Zoë

    you made me want to fall back in love with life again.. thanks for everything hannah!! love from the netherlands <3

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    Nothing better than a good morning routine. I always feel like I’m the most productive first thing in the morning and I really like that you don’t just follow what everyone else says. You have a system that works for you and your life, which is something I think we can all learn from ☺️

  • iced matcha enthusiast
    iced matcha enthusiast

    every time I watch hannah’s video it’s like a breath of fresh air and I can’t explain it 💐🪩🫶🏼

  • mira reese
    mira reese

    this is so inspiring for me, i’ve been so down in life lately and bored with my routine and watching your videos are so refreshing

  • Veerle Stoffer
    Veerle Stoffer

    recently i fell back into my bad habits, and just lost all of my motivation, i’ve been not able to attent school because my social anxiety has been getting really bad lately, your videos have helped me so much to get back on track. and i just wanted to say how incredibly grateful i am, i love you hannah <3

  • Kid Caster
    Kid Caster

    “Another day another slay, PERIOD” 💗

  • Naomi Petrie
    Naomi Petrie

    YOUR VIDEOS MAKE ME SO HAPPY whenever I’m having a rough day you make it brighter💖

  • Tori Miller
    Tori Miller

    obsessed with you and ellie both posting morning routines!! watching back to back rn :)

  • Mckinzee Skyhawk
    Mckinzee Skyhawk

    i love and will ALWAYS love morning/night routines, idk why but they motivate me so much. keep being a light and glowing, it spreads <3333

  • Tiff 🥀🖤
    Tiff 🥀🖤

    I love that you mentioned doing the 5 minute journal the first thing when you wake up in the morning because I feel like our mindset is always gravitated towards reaching for our phones in the morning and checking our social media but I think it's toxic and negative. If you wake up every morning and just being thankful to wake up and start journaling it's gonna really start impacting your day and life to be more positive! 😌🙌🏻

  • elle

    hey hannah! I'm so thankful I found you. I've been watching you for as long as I can remember and you've just changed my life so much!! You've helped me make positive changes and start good habits. You truly do make my day and get me excited for my own life! I feel like we are growing together and I'm the happiest I've been in awhile. Loads of love <3

  • Victoria W
    Victoria W

    these types of vids make me feel soo productive. lots of love han <3

  • Julia Ingebrigtsen
    Julia Ingebrigtsen

    I love this Hannah! Seeing your morning routine really inspires me in a way I can’t explain, but it makes me excited to really change my mornings🌞 Definitely trying out the hot girl walk when it gets a little warmer!

  • whos_lydia

    your recent videos have motivated made me to fall back in love with myself and i cant thank you enough for that i love you so much hannah

  • graciedavis

    Love you so so much Hannah! Your videos always give me a much needed boost of serotonin and motivation:)

  • Laura

    This active morning routine is so inspiring, I’m trying to get back to mine. This motivates me so much! I love you! 💗💗

  • Francesca Cirielli
    Francesca Cirielli

    you genuinely look so happy and full of life! it’s really inspiring and amazing to see your growth!! ❤️ (gonna need that hot girl playlist☺️)

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    Yess Hannah ur killing it!! I always love watching ur morning routines❤️ so inspiring and aesthetic :)

  • Caroline Bauer
    Caroline Bauer

    I’m sick right now and you always know how to cheer me up thank you hannah!! <3