buying my first car! (range rover) vlog & car tour
Hannah Meloche
buying my first car EVER! and it's my dream car... a white ranger rover thats supercharged. this wouldn't have happened with out you, so thank you for the continuous support. you best believe some great content is gonna me made in my new whip!!! i love you guys so much thank you for believing in me, i'm so grateful.
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • Taylor Nkiruka
    Taylor Nkiruka

    Imagine not getting what you want because you were scared of people’s reactions, you worked hard Hannah. You’re allowed to flex on us ;)

  • Kiara Madisen
    Kiara Madisen

    Crazy happy for you Hannah! You work your butt off and it shows! Can’t wait for all the fun drive with me’s and cute pics with the new baby ❤️

  • ihavenoideawhatimdoing rightnow
    ihavenoideawhatimdoing rightnow

    imagine having the money to buy a range rover and still caring what people think

  • Un Known
    Un Known

    I’m 23 and just bought my first car which is a Honda Civic. I’m proud of that! People have this idea of attaining everything they want while still super young. While that happens for some people, its okay if it doesn’t happen for you. Don’t place time limits on your life and take it day by day at your own pace. ❤️

  • Ellie Thumann
    Ellie Thumann

    I love you!!!!! So proud of you our cars can be friends now XD

  • Jenny Giselle
    Jenny Giselle

    Y’all think she’s bragging but I’m pretty sure if you got a Range Rover you’d be stuntin and flexin as well, let her be happy and excited!

  • Eileen Carbin
    Eileen Carbin

    Something people should remember is that a lot of people get cars bought by their parents at this age and she has earned her own money through hard work and is buying herself a car. That is very admirable and not something a lot of people her age can say. Very impressive

  • Derya Melody
    Derya Melody

    Hannah’s out there buying her dream car while I can’t even afford a burger from McDonald’s LOL

  • Claire Phelps
    Claire Phelps

    Girl you CAN flex because you're kind and humble and hard working! Always making sure your fans are on the same page with you. Happy for you!!

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin

    For God sakes Hannah, you deserve the car! Congratulations!!!

  • drew mcmahon
    drew mcmahon

    awe I’m so proud of you Hannah! you’ve worked so hard and deserve all this success 💗

  • Life of Aaron
    Life of Aaron

    I love how her mom was like “stop being so negative”

  • Vanessa Reneé
    Vanessa Reneé

    Ok HONESTLY I feel like I’d typically see something like this and be like ohhhhh wow like another IRglor with a nice car but you can tell you GENUINELY worked your ass off and you’re so proud of the work you’ve done and you’re not entitled or anything like you know it’s a HUGE accomplishment. It just made me proud and wanna work hard too!

  • BreezieBabee

    It kinda broke my heart how much you cared about what people thought of you buying your DREAM CAR at 17!! A Range Rover!! Girl, you DESERVE to flex, look what you did, look where you're going! If anyone has anything nasty to say, it's because they want to be where you are. And you should take that with pride! This is the first video I've seen of yours, but Girl.. I am so freaking happy and proud of you. When I was 17, I was pregnant, struggling to finish school early so I wouldn't have to be a high school drop out with a kid. And I did it. I have given a lot up, I can't get all this dream stuff and save all my money to get stuff like this because I have 2 babies now that I have to put my all into. I have to get everything laid out and stable before I can even THINK about getting my dream stuff. But I love seeing that you're doing it. That's amazing! So amazing!! Keep it up and don't ever care what people think of you. It's your life, your writing your story. Make it an incredible one!💕

  • Kennedy Elizabeth
    Kennedy Elizabeth

    You deserve this!!! So proud of you!!! You cares what anyone says- they’re just jealous or they don’t understand how hard you’ve worked!! Love you girl!!!!!!

  • kyla marie
    kyla marie

    soooo proud of u hannah!! you’ve earned it♥️♥️

  • Deena

    I’m so proud of you, you deserve this!

  • Lily Clary
    Lily Clary

    HANNAH I'm watching this halfway through and I just want to say you should never be ashamed of your success you have earned this Hannah and I am so proud of you!

  • Rachel Nielsen
    Rachel Nielsen

    to anyone who might be her age & comparing their own life...

  • sarah-helene molina
    sarah-helene molina

    so proud of you <3 don't feel bad for being successful, you work really hard and inspire a lot of people!