overthinking social media for 7 minutes straight
Hannah Meloche
LOVES to overthink. LOVES IT. clearly!!!
no but seriously im over being distant from you guys i missed you way too much and im sorry for making things weird!!!
i just wanted to take a step back and look at myself and wasn't sure how to do that while still posting....
i wanna make sure i do my best every day to bring y'all up and im still figuring myself out so thank you for being patient with me
i love love LOVE you more than you know and am so excited for this new chapter YIPPIEEEEE
okay. go make today absolutely incredible.
i love you

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  • MaskitMati

    I relate to this a lot - I just wish I could take a massive social media break and discover more about myself. I feel like I’d want to know the person I would be without social media for the last 9 years. I think it just means filming heaps of content at once and then taking a two month break but it’s harder than it sounds haha

  • Allison Travels Wonderland
    Allison Travels Wonderland

    I don’t think you need to worry about “providing value” or the pressure of sharing perfect content. I think for a lot of us your channel provides company. Like I love watching your videos while cooking dinner or when I’m doing laundry alone. They give me comfort of company and I’m grateful for that even if it’s just following you to the grocery store or you talking about your day.

  • Shayan ali
    Shayan ali

    Listening to Hannah is just like having a therapy.

  • Elenaa Kar
    Elenaa Kar

    you should start a podcast!! i love hearing you talking about everything and nothing t all at the same time. i dontknow i just feel like you get how feeling and you're expressing it the right way if that makes sense

  • lexi

    Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  • Chloe

    you’re honestly the best thing that has come out of social media for me. I’ve been through some really dark times and I’ve watched you talk about how you’ve struggled and the one thing that kept me going is that you kept going. And you honestly feel like my best friend because you’ve always been there when I need you. You are the biggest blessing, and I love you so much

  • may 007
    may 007

    Han i totally understand you!! I’m all here for taking time offline. Social media can be just too much sometimes. I really like it too when youre open and honest. ;) <3

  • sadie crowell
    sadie crowell

    why did I go thru the same thing this week.

  • Abby Donaldson
    Abby Donaldson

    i think i can speak for a lot of us but hannah. we love you. we like you. we like seeing your life. we subscribed for you and only you! so don't worry about letting us down or wanting to take a break, we will suport you no matter what. for me, i follow you because I like you as a person and I am interested in seeing and watching what your life is like. and i love when you open up and share stuff with us. your honesty and transparency is what makes you so incredible.

  • A AA
    A AA

    Nutrition also plays a big role in that. When I was vegan I was overthinking non stop, I’ve noticed you’ve introduced more vegan alternatives, but personally I would recommend eating mainly meat and dairy. Good luck Hannah! 😘

  • nora estes
    nora estes

    i really appreciate you saying take it one step at a time and try your best everyday when you wake up. i really needed that right now. thank you hannah we love you

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    Hannah thank you so much for being so open and transparent. You’ve literally been a IRglor since you were 13. Of course social media can be tiring but you listening to yourself and taking this time to decompress is not only helpful for you but it also inspires us to take care of our mental health which makes you even more of a good role model 💛. Just remember you’re doing better than you’re feeling and if you need a break take a break 🙏🏽

  • Lexie Anderson
    Lexie Anderson

    I am on a social media break going on 6 months now and it's been so refreshing. I completely relate to this. I also love that you are so real about this!

  • Julia

    you always make me feel so heard and happy hannah! thank you for everything you do and share with us! sending lots of love <33

  • Ananda Jade
    Ananda Jade

    you’re so right and I bet you that your followers would totally understand, and obviously support you, if you want to take a break from social media!


    Totally relate, I've been overthinking a lot too. Have to keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time. Take time to recharge whenever you need to! Love you Hannah! 💜💗

  • Elli Thurén
    Elli Thurén

    hey han so glad you made this video, i think all of us really can relate to what you talked about, and at least for me this was so relaxing to just hear your calm voice :)

  • Kendra Shaw
    Kendra Shaw

    Honestly, I truly support you if u wanna take a break from social media... your happiness matters!!

  • Andrew Ma
    Andrew Ma

    Lexi also said this in her podcast too! I know how social media can be really draining. The words you speak are very true! 😄

  • ann nguyen
    ann nguyen

    Honestly this is why I love watching Hannah. You can put up any video, literally any and I’ll enjoy it. And youtube is like my relaxation/ break for my day, so make whatever videos you want!!! No pressure!! I love the creativity with edits and montages but sometimes I can’t see it anyway if I’m doing other stuff. We love you for you