answering your assumptions about me...
Hannah Meloche
answering your assumptions about me... basically telling you all the juicy info on my personal life!
i asked you guys on instagram to assume things about my life. i got some interesting ones! questions about my relationship with my boyfriend, family, and friends... party questions, life questions, all of the above! i had a lot of fun making it lemme know if i should do spicy Q&A type videos like this more often!
credits to avrey to starting this trend!!!
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • nm

    Glad she knows the difference between having anxious feelings and having anxiety

  • Eva Ashlynne
    Eva Ashlynne

    "I would rather live my own life than watch other people live theirs"

  • chloe billet
    chloe billet

    i really want a storytime of what happened in junior year😬

  • marzena

    that’s weird because you really give off a popular soccer/lacrosse girl type of vibe to me

  • Danika R-0
    Danika R-0

    Thank you so much for acknowledging the difference between being anxious and having anxiety. People throw the word ‘anxiety’ around a lot without considering the experiences of people who have anxiety disorders. It’s incredibly invalidating when people do that so I’m really glad that you didn’t. I appreciate that so much!


    we love your sincerity and how humble you are. xo

  • Holly Freeman
    Holly Freeman

    after hearing about school and bullying because of her IRglo...

  • Kendall Murillo
    Kendall Murillo

    Hannah is one of the few older more relevant teens on IRglo who hasn’t dropped out of high school or who is thinking of dropping out soon

  • Logan Moritz
    Logan Moritz

    Your answer to you having anxiety, just yes. As someone who truly has it I feel most people are like "I get anxious so I have anxiety", thank you for saying you get anxious but you don't have anxiety, that mental illness is serious. I have been waiting for this for a while on IRglo and you may not realize how good it is to hear this side of it as some people dramatize everything. I love the honesty.

  • Samantha Elliott
    Samantha Elliott

    I'm kind of obsessed with the color of her sweatshirt

  • Sadie

    Trying to calculate in my head how much money all those Polaroid picture packs must have cost haha

  • coralyn williams
    coralyn williams

    emma chamberlain needs to do this

  • Megan Chan
    Megan Chan

    hannah's the cutest but that's a fact, not an assumption.

  • ariel alena
    ariel alena

    UM HANNAH how do you look like a legitimate model wearing just a sweatshirt 😂🙌🏼😍

  • Fabiola Suarez
    Fabiola Suarez


  • Ryan Ghuman
    Ryan Ghuman

    When the answer to “are you rich?” Is “i don’t know” that means your are rich

  • cortney

    thank you for clarifying that being anxious sometimes is not the same as anxiety!!!!! everybody now a days thinks they have anxiety because they get anxious in nerve wracking situations lmao. people reading this, don’t self diagnose!!! if you think you have something, talk to your doctor instead of telling everyone you have something that you don’t !

  • Jesse Jay
    Jesse Jay

    i feel like haley pham and hannah would be good friends

  • Emma Pratt
    Emma Pratt

    this color looks good on you

  • abby montague
    abby montague

    finally someone who understands mental health is real and anxiety can't be a thrown around term ! you have such a beautiful soul