CAMPING WITH MY FRIENDS... (24 hour challenge)
Hannah Meloche
CAMPING WITH MY FRIENDS… we kinda did the 24 hour challenge but it wasn’t FULLY that… but a lot of stuff went down that’s for sure…
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  • halle dempsey
    halle dempsey

    the chicken attacking dean and then john coming over with A NET. was def the funniest thing ive ever watched.

    • Emely g
      Emely g

      LMFAO FR

    • halle dempsey
      halle dempsey

      @Thomas Scalia thomas ur so funny

    • Thomas Scalia
      Thomas Scalia

      Why did you post this on your private story?

    • livyydream

      Omg yes

    • Little Bae
      Little Bae


  • Maya Wu
    Maya Wu

    dean getting attacked by the chicken and john coming in for the rescue is the funniest thing

    • Briseida I.
      Briseida I.

      LMAO i was dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • Tiffany Summer
    Tiffany Summer

    the relationship between dean and john is amazing😂

    • Kia Chan
      Kia Chan

      John is such a G😂

  • Sydney Spowart
    Sydney Spowart

    Dean getting attacked by the chicken is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

    • nat


    • Lea Marie
      Lea Marie

      and john as the hero coming in to rescue!!!! I am done.

    • Jess Scully
      Jess Scully

      it wasn't even him getting attacked it was Hannah and then John just standing there so confused 😂

    • Hannah Meloche
      Hannah Meloche

      Hahahahah I know it was so sad

  • Alina Villani
    Alina Villani

    Dean attacking Meredith for literally everything was so funny oh my god

    • Joyce Liu
      Joyce Liu

      @Lauren Yoon no i think hes trying to be funny in front of the camera and hannah

    • migdalia

      @Kendra10 yes!!!

    • Lauren Yoon
      Lauren Yoon

      @Joyce Liu then he probably has a crush on her

    • Joyce Liu
      Joyce Liu

      @Lauren Yoon hannah would be doing the same thing as Meredith but he would only call Meredith out

    • Joyce Liu
      Joyce Liu

      @maddie fr yea i understand if they all do it, but literally hannah would do the EXACT SAME THING as her but he would only attack mere


    i’m not kidding i can’t stop dying laughing from dean getting attacked by the chicken 😂😂

    • Olivia Callahan
      Olivia Callahan

      Same I was crying 😂

    • Caroline

      Me too! 😂

  • hannah ryan
    hannah ryan

    dean yelling at mere for everything reminding me of how we used to be mean to our crushes as a way of flirting

    • J.

      @Ruthie Davis i thought dean was hannahs boyfriend

    • Ruthie Davis
      Ruthie Davis

      @Abigail Peterson this aged well haha

    • baby cherry
      baby cherry

      @blob a exactly like whats funny about that LMFAO

    • blob a
      blob a

      No it’s called being a misogynist LMAO😂

  • ok

    Meredith is the definition of 🥺✨💕🌺🌿

  • Isabelle Arguelles
    Isabelle Arguelles

    this video should have been titled “dean flirting with meredith for 20 minutes straight”

    • Abby Anderson
      Abby Anderson

      @liv and now him and Hannah are dating 😒

    • Isabella Higueras
      Isabella Higueras

      this didn't age well

    • HANNAH

      Haley Melanson dean and hannah are dating...

  • Kylie Cook
    Kylie Cook

    we all need a person like John in our lives

    • Hannah Meloche
      Hannah Meloche

      Yes, yes we do

  • Diego Henrique
    Diego Henrique

    dean getting attacked by the chicken is what i call KARMA for attacking meredith so much lmao

  • CrayCrayJay


  • Caroline Sharpe
    Caroline Sharpe

    Never have I tried to live so vicariously through someone’s life until you moved to Hawaii- seriously have never seen you more comfortable and happy. Super proud of you!! ✨❤️

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P

    been obsessed with all of her content since she moved... she is legit glowing!! love u hannah

  • Elise Nicole
    Elise Nicole

    It’s like summer everyday with Hannah....I LOVE IT! 😃🙌🏾

  • Sabrina Milcent
    Sabrina Milcent

    didn’t really like the way dean said meredith was useless, sometimes friendly banter has deeper consequences! pls make sure she’s ok with all of it if it continues, look out for your friends

    • charlotte

      guys its okay it was a joke and theyre friends

    • ShhNoNames

      Yes these men try too hard to be funny. You should not try to be funny at someone else’s expense. I feel like they are there for camera time and hookups.

    • Lily C
      Lily C

      if u ever been in a friend group you know that’s how best friends usually treat eachother it’s all jokes and It’s more funny then mean that’s the whole point I really don’t think she was offended

    • Lauryn Blake
      Lauryn Blake

      It’s a joke though. Hannah commented saying their whole friend group is like that. I’m sure it’s fine. They were probably doing it for the camera you don’t know their friendship.

  • this girl purple you
    this girl purple you

    I love your 20-minute videos! Perfect for a study break, thank you! hehe

  • katie kummer
    katie kummer

    watching this after hannah reveals she is dating dean and i can’t stop laughing and noticing how cute they are together !!

  • Nina Segall
    Nina Segall

    This made me laugh so hard! Thank you so much Hannah! This made my day 100% better.

  • Maddie N
    Maddie N

    Watching these makes me so happy but so sad at the same time. They are out here living this amazing life with a great friend group in freaking HAWAII and doing all these amazing things and it just makes me realize how boring my life is. I go to school, I work, and that’s basically it. There are no beaches or cool nature near me and honestly I don’t really have any close friends or friend groups :(

  • Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams

    John and Deans relationship is the best thing I have ever seen 🤣😍

  • ifeoma

    did hannah just make my day ten times better by uploading? YES!😭❤️

  • Makayla Lyons
    Makayla Lyons

    hannah is so inspiring and i am in love with these videos

  • Krisi Freeman
    Krisi Freeman

    Dean literally trusts John with his whole life lol

  • alexis carson
    alexis carson

    i’ve literally never laughed so hard at a singular clip, but just dean and john with the chickens was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. love john🙏🏼

  • kenzie blair
    kenzie blair

    i haven’t laughed this hard in SO LONGGG omfg thanks for the quality content hannah

  • Kaimalie San Agustin
    Kaimalie San Agustin

    that guy sounds so nice. that's how people should really be in Hawaii

    • Kaimalie San Agustin
      Kaimalie San Agustin

      @Alexandra Triantafyllou will do

    • Alexandra Triantafyllou
      Alexandra Triantafyllou

      @Kaimalie San Agustin thank you so much! Search for Alexandra Trianta cause that is my main channel

    • Kaimalie San Agustin
      Kaimalie San Agustin

      @Alexandra Triantafyllou will do can't wait to see your IRglo

  • kenny the hippie
    kenny the hippie

    Props to John for coming to the rescue😩🙏 “get em John!” 🐓 Dean and John for life❤️

  • Line

    I love how Mere is getting more comfortable in front of the camera!!

  • Ella Nobles
    Ella Nobles


  • Sarah P
    Sarah P

    I watched Dean getting attacked by that chicken like 5 times that was too funny holy shit

  • Zay-yaan Adams
    Zay-yaan Adams

    I like how dean just took over the vlog at the end. He’s a natural 🤣🤣

  • Sloane Sprague
    Sloane Sprague

    this video was something everyone needed to start their week. thanks hannah

  • Jessica Konish
    Jessica Konish

    I swear you and your friends are the most comforting humans in the whole world 🥺

    • Jo K
      Jo K

      They’re not they’re immature and babies

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      @Victoria Cordova I suck 😞

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • Natalie Erbacher
    Natalie Erbacher

    I am loving this content! Keep being you, you're creating change in peoples lives :) You've come so far, keep it up!

  • korinslife

    might be my favorite Hannah video to date, so many great personalities

  • Jessica Marcos
    Jessica Marcos

    mornings and the campfire talks are literally the main reason why I love camping!!

  • Barbara Kowalska
    Barbara Kowalska

    I fully havent laughed that hard in so long, but seeing the way dean got attacked and johns reaction was hilarious

  • tzo

    not meredith being bullied for nearly 20 minutes straight 😔✋

    • Greg Hilstad
      Greg Hilstad

      @Juliana Slattery what do you mean that’s like what I said

    • Greg Hilstad
      Greg Hilstad

      Bro chill out they a joking

    • Ransford Rowe
      Ransford Rowe

      Meredith was not being bullied.Be careful about throwing words like that around.

    • hayley marques
      hayley marques

      @Vivian Arsenault it was obviously sarcasm lol

    • tzo

      @Vivian Arsenault I know haha

  • Makyden Parreira
    Makyden Parreira

    Dean is so damn funny!! I couldn’t stop laughing😂

  • Sarah Bromley
    Sarah Bromley

    dean and y’all energy is so funny and entertaining to watch😭

  • Karly Kay
    Karly Kay

    This is my new favorite vlog Fr!! Didn’t stop laughing the WHOLE time😂💀

  • mia casey
    mia casey

    Your vlogs just get better and better! I’m laughing so hard you guys are so funny

  • The Amaze Lab
    The Amaze Lab

    All of us have to be thankful to Hannah for making our days better with her uploads ❤ I hope my fans are thankful to me :)

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • olivia grace
    olivia grace

    the chicken attacking dean and then john defending him is the best part of the entire video, i'm crying

  • kayla scruggs
    kayla scruggs

    i cannot express how out of breath i am from laughing after john walked into the frame with a butterfly catcher after dean got attacked by the chicken

  • Ashley Miksch
    Ashley Miksch

    I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in so long. That chicken moment with John trying to help had me DEAD!!! I literally couldn’t stop laughing. That was epic. The editing for that was spot on!!

  • Iliana Iniguez
    Iliana Iniguez

    Dean was so hilarious throughout this whole Vlog 😂

  • Nova Dekker
    Nova Dekker

    i love the way Hannah´s smile changed now that she is in hawaii

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • Stephanie Magor
    Stephanie Magor

    Truest hilarious!! Bless John for coming to the rescue!!

  • Alaia Hrb
    Alaia Hrb

    y'all can't imagine how badly i want a friend like Dean he's so amazing and funny 😭😭

  • Emily Marie S
    Emily Marie S

    This video had me cracking up the entire time! Especially the chicken attack 😂

  • Bevie

    I'm dying at Dean getting attacked but John coming in for the rescue again! hahhaa I am loving these hawaii vlogs and your friend group!! I don't know if you've said this in a vlog before but how did you guys meet Dean, Jack, and Truckie?

  • JADE

    She’s literally living the dream , I’m so proud of her !!!

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • Tekurio Teva
    Tekurio Teva

    Camping with John is my new life goal. Dean being a better vlogger than Hanna ....& the chicken that chose violence 🤣🤣 Epic

  • Lucy Torres
    Lucy Torres

    Hannah’s face while on the call when dean was getting attacked by the chicken and then John just standing there with his net was hilarious 🤣

  • Haley Feiereisel
    Haley Feiereisel

    i think this is my new comfort video. i'm absolutely DYING at dean and the chicken and the way john just appears with the net.

  • Katelyn Belanger
    Katelyn Belanger

    Out here living her best life delivering us bomb content yaaasss girrrl

  • Simplee Summer
    Simplee Summer

    This video is going to be 20 minutes of pure serotonin 😌😩💗

    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius


  • Sara Campana
    Sara Campana

    You walking up to the beach in the morning legit looked like heaven

  • Isabel Geraghty
    Isabel Geraghty

    literally nonstop smiling from beginning to end also I love John!

  • Madelynn Davis
    Madelynn Davis

    Omg I’m like dying watching this vlog. I literally laughed harder than I’ve laughed in like a year 😂😂😂😂 Dean getting attacked by the chicken was my favorite part 😂😂😂😂

  • Sophia Cayton
    Sophia Cayton

    John is the epitome of an American 😂 life GOALS!🤴🏼 hahah my fav vlog of all time!

  • Meila Fabby
    Meila Fabby

    Hannah's out here living her best life while i'm doing homework ugh I love life 🥰

    • bonie

      same 😍🤤

    • Hana Miltz
      Hana Miltz


    • Alexander Mauritius
      Alexander Mauritius

      I’m vlogger

  • abby bezradetsky
    abby bezradetsky


  • Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA

    The VIBES yesssss I must say like you both are all sweetheart because the vlogs is so good im obsessed because your routine is looking fantastic

  • Chloe Lewis
    Chloe Lewis

    John is a legend now! He was so funny and just seemed like an amazing person!!

  • betsy poot
    betsy poot

    Dean hyping up John for 5mins straight CRACKED ME UP!

  • noella paige
    noella paige

    hannah looks so happy and I'm loving it. also this friend group is everything. love you always.

  • Paxton Vest
    Paxton Vest

    Dean getting attacked but the chicken was low key karma for attacking mere about the cheese it’s 😂😂😂

  • Maddie N
    Maddie N

    I STRIVE to have the confidence of Dean. He makes friends so easily!!

  • Peyton Klein
    Peyton Klein


  • Marc & Jackie
    Marc & Jackie

    I’ve lived in Hawaii my entire life and never have I ever seen ANYONE being attacked by a chicken EVER! 😅 I had to watch it multiple times. It gets funnier each time. 🤣

  • Autumn Jacobi
    Autumn Jacobi

    not me closely rewatching this video because i’m obsessed w hannah and dean .. never

  • Allana Bell
    Allana Bell

    I don’t think I have ever laughed out loud from a vlog before until this 😂😂

  • ash hlavaty
    ash hlavaty

    john just standing there shirtless with big sunglasses and a net is so funny 😭

  • Abby Keefe
    Abby Keefe

    The whole chicken situation was HILARIOUS. Deans just straight chilling and the chicken charges 😂 Hannah’s clearly on an important call in the back like “🧐” and then John comes with A FREAKING BUTTERFLY NET or something to get revenge BAHAHAHA i played it over so many times

  • kaylie clark
    kaylie clark

    this is the funniest video i’ve ever seen. pls never stop being friends. i love this group.

  • Line

    The sunrise looked MAGICAL!!

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    we all need someone like john in our lives bro what a cool dude