the basic VSCO girl transformation
Hannah Meloche
haley and i decided to complete our vsco girl transformation by doing the most basic typical vsco girl things for a day in this video! we were pretty basic before but now look at us! aw!!!
no but we just thought it was funny how almost every teenage girl uses vsco and especially in the summer we all do pretty much the same things, or a least a lot of the same things. so we tried to do them together. let us know what basic things we missed, AFTER you share this video with 5,000 of your friends.
and watch the all nighter video we filmed because we’re SO delusional in it
remember to be a VSCO GOD you have to use the filters: F1, C7, & C1. yellow is your favorite color, you don’t know how to be sad, lulu lemon is your religion, you are quirky, your hydro flask is your oxygen tank, there is no other car besides a jeep wrangler, and omg don’t forget to do it for the DSCO.
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p.s. this was NOT a sponsored video!
thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • VSCO

    Thanks for being part of the VSCO community, Hannah and Haley!

  • Lyric Walker
    Lyric Walker

    Hannah and Haley are such a great duo! And they’re basically already VSCO girls!😂❤️❤️

  • finley

    “you’ll also get a hydro flask.” neptune bottles are quaking

  • chloe

    Only the OGs know VSCO girls are really tumblr girls 😔

  • Eve Kelso
    Eve Kelso

    you guys forgot the diy woven bracelets, shell necklace, pearl choker, hydro flask, tube tops, etc 😂💛

  • Brooklyn Stevens
    Brooklyn Stevens

    This video called me broke in 4 different languages

  • Aisha Azizi
    Aisha Azizi

    I look at Hannah and I want to ceep my hair long.Then I look at Haley and I want to have short hair. Like what do I even do?🤦🏼‍♀️

  • it’s chels
    it’s chels

    Haley and Hannah is the duo I never knew I needed, never realize that them being this close is friendship goals😍 pheloche ftw!

  • E K
    E K

    So basically, a “VSCO girl” is ultimately a 12 year old girl at summer camp, IN Hawaii who is obsessed with the 90’s, hiking, and Tumblr.... that’s the aesthetic I’m gathering 😂 with the shell jewelry, tie die oversized shirts, 90’s style shoes and scrunchies and the backpacks 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Anonymous Buyer
    Anonymous Buyer

    Tumblr girls: Who are you?

  • Claire Moser
    Claire Moser

    they missed one crucial step of being a true vsco baddie... you gotta have cute pics with your boyfriend and cute texts from them

  • Shannon Ranalli
    Shannon Ranalli

    this video just said: "i'm better than you but i'm gonna play it off as a joke (no but really i'm flexing)"

  • kennedy anne
    kennedy anne

    i thought they were being serious about the giveaway for a second 😂

  • isabel y
    isabel y

    does anybody notice gabby, who photographed them? i woulda so felt like a third wheel, SHES so sweet😂

  • Navi Davis
    Navi Davis

    you guys are so happy when you are together i love it so much !!

  • julia fernandez
    julia fernandez

    in conclusion, you have to be beautiful, be thin and have a lot of money, and live in a cool city

  • Stephanie

    i just wanted to say, thank you for being an amazing human being and being such an an amazing inspiration for everyone out there! you use you’re platform for great things and we love that!!

  • nikko luis
    nikko luis

    Hannah: “It’s 57 degrees”

  • Samantha Y
    Samantha Y

    Lol but Hannah is already a basic vsco girl - in a good way

  • Jocelyn Rivera
    Jocelyn Rivera

    Omg Hannah and Haley, the duo I never thought I needed but i don’t think I could live without it 😂