beach day with friends
Hannah Meloche
i decided to vlog our beach day a couple days ago! and no this does not happen every day where we spend all day at the beach hahaha just a fun special day with all my favorite people!
i filmed a beach day last year when we first met the boys if you wanna watch that one i was posted almost a year ago JEEZ time flies
DAY IN THE LIFE (beach with friends):
aviator nation:
grey sweats-
red hat-
enjoy the ride sweatshirt-
men sweats-
blue smiley sweats-
sweat pants-
board shorts-
bikini bottoms-
bikini top-
thank you for sending me stuff i'm obsessed!
my jewelry company:
i'll be over on instagram if you wanna say hey!
instagram: @ hannahmeloche
other than that!
i'll be back here very soon
i love you guys have a great day!!!

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  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    I don’t think we talk enough about how good your editing has become. I always feel like I’m watching an episode of my favorite tv show💕

  • Brookie

    Jack seems like such an wholesome dude, when he's taking pictures of you guys and is more than okay with doing it!

  • niamh kirk
    niamh kirk

    jack genuinely seems like the nicest, most wholesome and caring person everrrr

  • v1rgin

    Mere the adorable, calming presence we all need.

  • emily rose taya
    emily rose taya

    These vlogs are so bittersweet!! Don't get me wrong I absolutely LIVE for these vlogs and the content that Hannah puts out but at the same time I WANNA BE THERE IN HAWAI'I SO BAD

  • Anika K
    Anika K

    hannah’s vlogs literally make my day 100x better

  • Bailee Collee
    Bailee Collee

    Awww Dean seems so thankful for the clothes he got in the haul

  • ananya

    Hannah is literally the definition of living life.

  • Kate Lekha
    Kate Lekha

    Ugh the laid back Hawaiian lifestyle makes me SO jealous of u Hannah 😤 life seems so relaxing there with the BEST views Everr

  • Kate Wiesbrook
    Kate Wiesbrook

    dean literally seems like the sweetest human def golden retriever vibes

  • Michelle Kidess
    Michelle Kidess

    hannah you literally have the best edits and music!!!!!!!! FOR REAL! have the best day every queen, keep KILLING IT!

  • Devry Moore
    Devry Moore

    These videos make me so happy! I live in Ohio and have been struggling with seasonal depression so badly and the sunshine in these videos make me feel better ❤️‍🩹

  • Annie and Jessie
    Annie and Jessie

    Hannah always talks about her "food IRglors". Just wanted to chime in and say Hannah and her crew are the IRglo videos I always watch when I eat my meals ❤️

  • Abby Keefe
    Abby Keefe

    Love how I can just go into Hannah’s Hawaii world for 10 mins💗Love your vids and editing sm

  • Zoe Waters
    Zoe Waters

    Love you Han love to see you glowing ❤️so happy you’re doing you !!

  • megan harris
    megan harris

    so envious of your life ! <3 I love the positivity and happiness you and your friends create ! <3

  • iluvursmiledude !!!
    iluvursmiledude !!!

    Hannah you do not realize how much you inspire me (and so many other)!!! Keep up the amazing work! 💕💕

  • Macie Anderson0807
    Macie Anderson0807

    The most iconic group! Watching these videos makes me want to drop everything I'm doing and move to Hawaii!

  • Dennielle Corpus
    Dennielle Corpus

    I swear, the vibe to this vlog makes me want to go to Hawaii 😩💖. I love ur edits and the music u put in!!!

  • caroline hill
    caroline hill

    i’m so happy the hawaii vlogs are back !! i hope everyone is back together come summer time🥺🍑