Hannah Meloche
i tried to become tiktok famous in one day… and THIS is what happened ^^^
we made some tiktoks and tried to see how many followers and likes i could get WITHOUT using any of my other platforms to promote it. we did some of the tiktok dance trends, made up some random ones and I had SO much fun making this with my best friends and thank you to RYAN TRAHAN for allowing me to copy him and create my own version.
here’s his tiktok video he just uploaded:
(0 → 1M TikTok Followers - Episode 1)
i know this video is about to be copyrighted subscribe pretty please!
also i would love to do a part 2 on this video if we get this video to 100k likes i will! lemme know how i could improve the next episode just in case…
this was all fun and games but follow me on tiktok if you want
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • Mireida Rodriguez
    Mireida Rodriguez

    Am I the only person who can NEVER get over how amazing Hannah’s hair looks at ALL TIMEs?!

  • Andra haha
    Andra haha

    hannah : becoming tiktok famous in 1 day

  • Kenza lma
    Kenza lma

    Can we take a moment and look at how hannah and her friends are so beautiful ♡

  • Leah Doherty
    Leah Doherty

    wow remember when tiktok was musically and full of 10 year olds😳

  • Courtney Doran
    Courtney Doran

    who else is confused as to how hannah is so perfect?!

  • Madison Rolfe
    Madison Rolfe

    HANNAH!! i haven’t seen your videos for a few weeks now but i thought this one would be a goodie and boy was i right!! what a good video to come back on, i loveee this :)

  • Claudia Donatelli
    Claudia Donatelli

    hannah: i’m not gonna be using tik tok

  • Emma Kelly
    Emma Kelly

    You've inspired me so much, hannah! Keep the videos coming!

  • Lottie

    this is such a wholesome video friendship wise! y'all seem like all such lovely and genuine people xx

  • ashley quach
    ashley quach

    youtubers would never be ready for the tik tok hate

  • Sam Reilly
    Sam Reilly

    hannah I know you won’t see this but I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to me. i get so excited every time you upload a video and watching them always makes me happy even when stuff is going wrong. you inspire me to be a better person so thank you hannah 🥰❤️

  • biju pallippattu
    biju pallippattu

    Follow me pls I will tell u if u like my comment👇👇👇⏬⤵⬇🔻

  • Nicole King
    Nicole King

    Hannah: gets semi famous

  • allyshiny

    hannah & her friends are real goals 💗

  • Electra Aspioti
    Electra Aspioti

    hi Hannah you’re so gorgeous and I love all of your videos, they always put a smile on my face 💓

  • thecoolest:\

    Why does it say, this video is unavailable on this device?

  • Tommy Noll
    Tommy Noll

    Congratulations on all the likes Hannah you deserve every single one of them!

  • Fair Gwenevere
    Fair Gwenevere

    how to get famous on tiktok... already be famous.

  • abby nalley
    abby nalley

    its obviously going to be so easy for you to be famous on tik tok when you already have a platform

  • Britt🌻🌻

    I seriously love you for this. I laughed so hard at the dance part. You getting over so quick is such a mood. Idk how people make a living do this. 😂😂😂