how i got my sparkle back
Hannah Meloche
how i got my sparkle back
or little things i do to increase my happiness
and make me feel good!
these are just some things that work for me and i really hope this helps anyone in ANY sort of way that would make me so happy
obviously there's so much more that you can try and little things that work for you and if you have them share in the comments! lets talk!
happy 2/22/22 its a magical angel number day!
sending all the love to you
you GUYS the journal i talk about i'm obsessed with no joke it's helped me so much huge advocate for it:
ALSO PLEASE. try to add hot girl walks into your daily routine.
it's changing my life. pls.
also.... treadmills also still hit. please i'm begging you to walk until you're like i'm the hottest bitch alive and i'm gonna have a great rest of my day... okay?! for me?? thank you :')
i'll be on instagram if you need me ;)
@ hannahmeloche
or at least until the next upload!
please know how special you are
you're capable of all your dreams and more
make today amazing

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  • elli

    i love when influencers talk about their mental health, it makes me feel more normal about my feelings. thanks hannah <33

  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    Literally had the same experience last year and am finally feeling like myself again wow 🥺

  • Malia Sunderlin
    Malia Sunderlin

    you talking about the Lord to this platform LITERALLY answered my prayers directly. like i prayed for you and your friends to come to know God better. this is AMAZING!!!!!

  • Addy Coutant
    Addy Coutant

    This made me tear up. I can’t explain but I have not been confident in myself lately. This video inspired me in a way I can’t explain. Thank you Hannah!

  • Skyla_Jade27

    so insanely proud of how far you've come han, I've been watching you for almost 5 years and i cannot begin to describe how happy i am for you. you're doing amazing angel, i hope you feel proud of yourself. sending hugs always 🤍

  • Leah French
    Leah French

    how Hannah got her spark back:

  • MaskitMati

    I can tell how happy you are and it's literally giving me so much hope

  • Ellie Beck
    Ellie Beck

    I love how often you’ve been talking about your faith lately ❤️ It means so much to me and makes me feel so much more confident in sharing my faith too!

  • julia harkey
    julia harkey

    I’ve been in such a rut now for like 8 months trying to figure out my anxiety and depression and also health issues, it’s been so so so so so hard but hannah you’re so right you always come out happier, I finally feel like I’m coming out of my shell and this video gave me a huge smile knowing you’ve been it through and Haley commented she has too, it’s so great knowing we’re not alone❤️ amazing video thank you so much hannah

  • Amelia Stefanowski
    Amelia Stefanowski

    so crazy. Was just writing in my journal about my feelings and how I have lost my sparkle over the years and wish so bad I could get it back. Been really trying to heal and find myself again and the second I get done writing I open IRglo to this video. Thank you Hannah ❤️

  • Isabella Reese
    Isabella Reese

    so thankful you posted this, just as i needed it. you’re truly an inspiration hannah. and your videos show me everything i hope to be someday. love you ❤️

  • Bella Bergeron
    Bella Bergeron

    I can’t even describe how much this video just helped me. It made me realize I’m not alone & we all have these emotions! love to see it. thank you :)

  • ava Conner
    ava Conner

    you don’t even realizing this was inspiring af. it made me cry bc knowing that days will get better makes me so happy. you are an angel and never stop being one. to all of those struggling ily and don’t stop. TO ALL -YOU ALL ARE AMAZONG AND YOU ALL WILL GET UR SPARKLE. you are not alone. I PROMISE. you got it. but yeah just ily all abs stay safe.

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    I love seeing you live life to the fullest after having a difficult time in the fall 💜 it reminds me to find the beauty in life and that I’m not the only one feeling this way ☺️

  • Phoebe Dauphin
    Phoebe Dauphin

    just went through the same thing. i was in such a dark place. i didn't even recognize myself, but IT GOT BETTER. you are so so right... it ALWAYS gets better. happy for you :)

  • eleanor :)
    eleanor :)

    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Hannah, you're literally such a positive influencer on IRglo and I'm just so grateful for your videos. I have been so, so unhappy lately and I don't even know why to be honest. I'm 15 years old and I'm just really sick of life at this point. But your videos give me a new perspective and open my eyes to see that life is worth living. I need to stop waiting to live and just start living NOW. I love you Hannah <3

  • kate mincieli
    kate mincieli

    this video was literally a sign from God. my anxiety was just coming back again and it was really scary. i was praying for something and here’s this video. genuinely made me feel better, thank you hannah💕

  • tory alves
    tory alves

    feels like therapy HAHAHAHA!

  • Gigi Pacas
    Gigi Pacas

    so so proud of how far you’ve come hannah!! thanks for always being so open and vulnerable on your channel. it’s a really refreshing side to see from an influencer ❤️

  • Soccer/Football Sensations
    Soccer/Football Sensations

    I LOVED THIS HANNAH. I am so proud of you, I feel like I know you personally. You’re such an inspiration, and you give me hope! God loves you<3