surprising my friends with graduation presents!
Hannah Meloche
surprising my friends with graduation presents! Thanks again to Best Buy for partnering with me for this video and helping get these awesome graduation gifts for my friends. Check it out -
I have the best friends in the whole world and i wanted to treat them with some gifts from best buy!
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  • Bisma

    Honestly who wouldn’t love to be friends with somebody like Hannah

  • Payton Flynn
    Payton Flynn

    Anyone else fail to understand how she’s so gorgeous?

  • lil S
    lil S

    Hannah seems so much happier lately I love it!

  • hayley johnson
    hayley johnson

    did the audio randomly cut out for a bit for anyone else?

  • MissKatie

    this was such a feel good video 😭♥️ hannah is such a good person

  • Nala Patel
    Nala Patel

    did she ever reveal what she’s doing after high school?

  • cierra castaneda
    cierra castaneda

    everytime i hear “feeling good like i should “ i think of hannah lol

  • Rebecca Lerner
    Rebecca Lerner

    This was so sweet of you Hannah! I’m also impressed with how flawlessly you were able to incorporate the sponsorship! Love you!

  • Stephanie Hayden
    Stephanie Hayden

    i love how hannah can show her appreciation for her friends like this. she’s a true friend!

  • Kavya Shah
    Kavya Shah

    only Hannah can make a sponsorship so nice

  • Spirit Petshops
    Spirit Petshops

    Everyone needs a Hannah, I love that you did this! I actually just bought presents for my friends too! 💘

  • amanda montgomery
    amanda montgomery

    this was the cutest video ever 🥺 your friends are all so sweet and so grateful for the gifts you got them ☺️

  • Angelina Crowson
    Angelina Crowson

    The way hannah loves her friends and family makes my heart happy❤️

  • Jiya Lewis
    Jiya Lewis

    Love how genuinely kind and thoughtful Hannah is!! Like she put so much thought into each gift, and it’s so great that everyone loved their things!! 🤩🤩

  • Sydney Nicole
    Sydney Nicole

    this vid made me so happy Hannah!! you're such a good soul with the sweetest heart <33

  • Dear Maria
    Dear Maria

    Hannah is so sweet and cute! I love how she uses her sponsorship for others and not just to herself! So much thought in the process of buying specifically for each friend! So nice and sweet! You're the best Hannah! Love you so much! 😍😍😍

  • Caitlin Sharkey
    Caitlin Sharkey

    You're so genuine and real, and that's what makes your videos so inspiring

  • ella jean
    ella jean

    It’s so inspirational to see you be so exited about giving to others.

  • Sara !
    Sara !

    Hannah is literally so nice and thoughtful ❤

  • Charles Fetters
    Charles Fetters

    That was a wonderful thing to do for your friends, love you, Hannah. :)