change is good
Hannah Meloche
change is good
growing is great
and at the end of the day everything is going to be more than okay
so honored to be working with the coral reef alliance
thank you to the team for meeting up with me and i know they will make such a big impact on our lovely corals
a big thanks to Antonio Busiello for the photography clips
if you wanna donate directly or check out how you can help click here!
my favorite necklaces are OUT y'all
100% of the proceeds go to the coral reef alliance
the ocean is freaking amazing we gotta keep this queen beautiful
shop here my loves:
if you have time watch chasing coral on Netflix it's super duper informative
lemme know if you guys have any other recommendations!
thank you for listening and supporting me through thick and thin you guys are family and i care about you all so much
this is your year, YOUR LIFE.
everyone deserves to thrive and be happy
keep doing you
keep being amazing
make yourself proud 2022
thats all we can do
i love you so incredibly much
see you icons soon!!!!

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  • Jenia Thompson
    Jenia Thompson

    Everyone always says I’m sorry when ppl hear about breakups but I’m just going to say congrats on the breakup! Seems like that lead you towards so many amazing things and self reflection

  • Ava Jules
    Ava Jules

    proud of the lady you’re becoming i love this

  • Bailee Collee
    Bailee Collee

    “I wanna be the friend that I want” such a good reminder!!!!

  • Grace Cockrell
    Grace Cockrell

    Major respect, Han. So proud of you. Here’s to so many hot girl walks together.

  • Emma Olson
    Emma Olson

    this girl needs a podcast. enough said. LOVE YOU HANNAH

  • Samantha Sandoval
    Samantha Sandoval

    i remember you talking about how you’re scared of change soo long ago, now you are here encouraging change. i love watching you grow miss hannah ❤️❤️

  • Ashley Lawson
    Ashley Lawson

    I am so proud of you Han ❤️

  • Lauren Lyne
    Lauren Lyne

    The maturity in the way you speak and the positive attitude is so inspiring Hannah

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    Change isn’t always easy but it usually is where you’ll see growth 🥰such a beautiful and well made video with an even better life lesson 💜

  • Hanna Nuur Tsaniya
    Hanna Nuur Tsaniya

    LOVE WHAT U ARE DOING FOR THE CORAL REEFS. Also, I highly recommend reading “101 essays that will change the way you think”. I’m sensing that u are going through a big change in ur life and this book offers new perspectives for how u can view hardships, breakups, growing up, etc. love u

  • lilli raine
    lilli raine

    i’m about to graduate and i needed to hear this so bad because change is so scary for me so thank you, thank you for letting us grow up with you and watch you become this beautiful person <3 change is good

  • daniela alonso-levy
    daniela alonso-levy

    hannah!! you have been GLOWING!! we are so proud of you girl, keep it up! :)

  • Rylee Brown
    Rylee Brown

    i loved how casual this was!! and change is always scary but i feel like it’s so important to have a different prospective on anything you do and this video was such a good reminder of that!! love you hannah🤍

  • Bailee Collee
    Bailee Collee

    Giving people with these important organizations the chance to speak on your channel is SO special

  • Dori Havens
    Dori Havens

    NEEDED THIS!! change is so uncomfortable, but it’s so good. i’ve been watching you for years, and seeing you grow and change into the amazing woman you are is truly inspiring. we love you❤️

  • Avery

    can we all agree that hannah is the most inspirational person we know!!!

  • Poppy Shaw
    Poppy Shaw

    this is so helpful, i’ve had many friendship problems lately and just knowing that you have gone through tough times is helpings others, thank you :)

  • Amanda Young
    Amanda Young

    seeing hannah grow up and change so much over the past years really made me feel less alone in feeling a little lost with my life right now. you tell how much shes changed mentally and how much she has grown and it makes me so happy and inspires me to be ok with change, live my life, and take in every little moment. thank you so so much hannah i love u <333

  • Grace Lynn
    Grace Lynn

    this was so good. such a great reminder that everything’s gonna be okay, we need to love ourselves first and also put God first thank you for this reminder 🥺🤍🌸🌺

  • Sofia Louise
    Sofia Louise

    "Change is the only constant." ❤️