SENIOR PROM *grwm vlog*
Hannah Meloche
ITS MY SENIOR PROM! i vlogged a grwm with me and my friends for prom! PART 2 COMING SOON WOO!
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • lexie bord
    lexie bord

    her dad helping her put on her dress was so pure

  • Margaret Rosales
    Margaret Rosales

    Her dad figuring out the dress is me trying to figure out anything for school😂

  • Sarah St Angelo
    Sarah St Angelo

    your dad helping you tie your dress was SO precious idek why but that got me good🥺🥺

  • Miriam Luce
    Miriam Luce

    Anyone else here from 2020 thinking “ the world is basically ending so no prom this year” We’ve been cursed 😳

  • Colleen Park
    Colleen Park

    we love when hannah cares about the environment

  • Sam Knight
    Sam Knight

    “Hopefully if no one destroys the earth it something”

  • Shaheera Kamin
    Shaheera Kamin

    Use this as the “Hannah is gorgeous” button!

  • shiv

    Hannah : we need to save the earth

  • sharlit taco
    sharlit taco

    oh my gosh you look SO STUNNING in your dress, the ballet pink color of it compliments your skin SO well.

  • Prabakaran R
    Prabakaran R

    Did anybody notice that she is wearing a periodic table hoodie?😂😂

  • okay anzie
    okay anzie

    ok but the music that Hannah puts in her videos during the montages is the best thing ever

  • Alyssa Budish
    Alyssa Budish

    me watching this video in 2020, hannah “this is something i’m gonna tell my kids about, hopefully, if we don’t destroy the earth by then.” 🥴🦠

  • kylie lish
    kylie lish


  • ElizabetheWriter

    LOL when hannah said hi to her future kids - I knew at that point sis was delirious

  • Beauty by Sophie
    Beauty by Sophie

    hannah’s dress!!! It’s gorgeous! she killed it this year :)

  • Roop KD
    Roop KD

    I’m just watching prom videos to get my self prepped for my prom which is coming up SOON! And it helped me discover a lovely channel

  • Juliana

    me: what day is it?

  • Brooke Joyce
    Brooke Joyce

    ur SO lucky u were a senior when u were cuz if u were one year younger u wouldn't have a prom cuz of corona

  • Cheyenne Clausen
    Cheyenne Clausen

    No one:

  • Des Nicole
    Des Nicole

    i'm obsessedd w hannah's editing, it's the funniest & cutest thing ever