our chaotic family vacation
Hannah Meloche
we renting a beach house in orange beach, alabama... lots is happening. an entertaining vlog for sure! the boys meet girls, we fight A LOT, i watch anime with the boys, we have a pickleball tournament, and MORE COMING MONDAY!
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  • Tamia Hansrod
    Tamia Hansrod

    I literally laughed 100 different times during this video!😹

    • Hannah Meloche
      Hannah Meloche


  • hannah crump
    hannah crump

    jack has gotten so much more comfy in front of the camera, it’s great

    • teresa vilagos
      teresa vilagos

      omg ikrrrrr

    • Hayleyll

      Ik it’s great to see more of his personality

  • Hannah Meloche
    Hannah Meloche

    hey guys! sooo happy y’all are loving the video. BUT something I wanted to clear up is that I never would walk away from one of you guys. The boys are still learning & dont always know how to react. I can’t control how they handle situations but encourage them to be kind. I love y’all and am always happy when you guys say hi to me in public I can promise you that

    • Leticia Carelli
      Leticia Carelli

      Hey girl, I did your nails , I love your videos 🥰

    • Angela Ann
      Angela Ann

      Omg you never have to explain yourself Hannah, no influencer has an obligation to talk to their fans it’s fine❤️

    • Abby Keefe
      Abby Keefe

      What! no no honestly you shouldn’t feel like you owe an explanation. It was acc just so funny to me, and if that happened to me i’d probs run away too. If ur not used to people coming up to you and knowing who you are and you just want to protect your families privacy, talking to them is not gonna come natural, maybe they’re nice people but they were still strangers to them. It’s not really a normal thing!

    • Sapir

      Hannah Meloche ❤️❤️

  • Maddie Kate
    Maddie Kate

    This is literally soooo good and her editing just keeps getting better and better each time, we all love you hannah

  • Millie

    Andrew "yeah definitely man...." Had me LOLing. Such sibling teasing/banter

    • Aleena Ali
      Aleena Ali

      Lila & Caitlyn Phavis irglo.info/from/cqeKpoxzlrHNYmQ/fy-lm-h-y.html. -

    • Brayden Young
      Brayden Young

      that got me too. 😂

  • Caitlyn Rae
    Caitlyn Rae

    cue me being the biggest fan of the family vlogs

    • Madeleine

      omg caitlin ily!!!

    • Zoe M
      Zoe M


    • Deniz Tınaz
      Deniz Tınaz

      cue me being the biggest fan of twins

    • Collyn Jones
      Collyn Jones


    • jip de kramer
      jip de kramer

      @Kathryn Harris sameee

  • savannah

    love how jack carried this whole video

  • Riley Spizzo
    Riley Spizzo

    "You don't have to respond to a stranger"...why jack is my favorite

  • Margaux Nisha
    Margaux Nisha

    Jack: does an anime sound Also jack: im not a nerd. Dont worry

  • Natalie Urbanski
    Natalie Urbanski

    hey hannah! i wanted to say thank you for making my life so much better with the content you put out. you inspire teens like me to be a better person and i am so grateful that i found you. you are so beautiful inside and out and i hope you know that! lol you replied to my comment on your video once & holy crap i am was so happy about it and still am. you are my idol. keep being you! love you sm u don’t even know!

    • Natalie Urbanski
      Natalie Urbanski

      heheh u replied!! hahah i can’t ahh! ❤️

    • Hannah Meloche
      Hannah Meloche

      i love you so much thank you for commenting this

  • Sarah Taher
    Sarah Taher

    Hannah sticking up for her brother at 2:26 is so heart-whelming. So important to help prevent your siblings from having fears & trust issues rather than create them.

  • K


    • Kaitlyn Montesinos
      Kaitlyn Montesinos


    • Sophie Hooper
      Sophie Hooper

      omg same ahaha I'm still laughing

  • Allie Lufkin
    Allie Lufkin

    even if jack was a nerd i’d be alright

    • Reema Chada
      Reema Chada

      same tho😭😭😭

  • Emer

    the way jack kept looking at her to see if she liked the anime 🥺🥺

  • Shana Angus
    Shana Angus

    David is so underrated in my opinion. Love how great of a step dad he is!

  • Layla Manansala
    Layla Manansala


  • Eva Meloche
    Eva Meloche


    • Rebecca Friedman
      Rebecca Friedman

      Same and ily Eva!!

    • Faith Cerbo
      Faith Cerbo

      Eva Meloche I Stan BOTH Meloche familiesss!!

    • Joana J
      Joana J

      OMGGGG evaaaaa

  • leah triana
    leah triana

    HAHHHAH when jack was like “I wish these were like at my height😹 so like I wouldn’t have to like😜..” and Andrew responded with “yeah definitely man” BWSHHSJSJDJD

    • Skyla_Jade27

      @skrt ahaha what

    • skrt ahaha
      skrt ahaha

      are u ok

    • Skyla_Jade27

      What is the time stamp

  • Zoe Noelle
    Zoe Noelle

    Her editing is everything tho🤍✨

  • Candela Lara
    Candela Lara

    I am literally obsessed with her and her content

  • katelyn ellen
    katelyn ellen

    hannah: tHiS iS sO cUtE everyone else: *fighting amongst themselves*

  • J J
    J J

    can we just take a moment to thank Hannah for all the AMAZING content!!

  • Sara Kalanther
    Sara Kalanther

    who’s andrew and jack we only know evan and ben smith

    • Josie Johnson
      Josie Johnson

      @Madeleine ikr

    • Madeleine

      you’re profile is so pretty sara!!

    • khadija a
      khadija a

      No meloches here just Evan Smith and Ben Smith

  • Abi Shea
    Abi Shea

    when andrew said "definitely man" i almost cried, the way he said it was so funny lmao

  • Allyson McCaffrey
    Allyson McCaffrey

    Omg, I love this. Your brothers are so funny😂

  • Noelle Leighton
    Noelle Leighton

    This is one of my favorite blogs especially at the beginning when Jack is like “ I’m Catholic” and Reece is like “we in Christian” that made me laugh soo hard😂

  • Samantha Da silva
    Samantha Da silva

    The way Jack looked at you to see your reaction 7:54 so sweet🥺🥺🥺

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose

    jack is definitely getting more open to the camera and i’m all for it

  • Dara Dark
    Dara Dark

    I love Hanna being an older sister❤️ your videos are so cute and inspiring😍 love you and your channel 🥺❤️❤️

  • Lilyn Sondergaard
    Lilyn Sondergaard

    I’ve made this comment most likely too many time but I’m just in love with the editing of this video and the past couple videos! Anyway loving the video so far! Love you have an amazing day!💕

  • Maria

    This is so wholesome. Thanks for showing your family even when they are fighting because that's real and props to Hannah for going into big sis mode when Ella was joking on the balcony because that was a little too dangerous.

  • Emily Wisenall
    Emily Wisenall

    This video makes me miss home but it’s so amazing to others enjoy it 💜

  • Rose Gol
    Rose Gol

    Your family is so genuine!!! Watching u since the the beginning 🧡

  • Katie Poduska
    Katie Poduska

    Hannah's videos continue to amaze and inspire me 😫 the editing is just too good!!

  • Chloe Ngo
    Chloe Ngo

    I love u Hannah! I hope you the best in college and can’t wait to see all your new college videos. I remember watching you in 2017, look how much u have grown!! Stay safe in college! 💗💗

  • Audrey Snider
    Audrey Snider

    jack is definitely my fav sibling atm ahahah

  • Simply Emma
    Simply Emma

    I still can’t believe Hannah is in college like wow!!! Congrats anyways ❤️

  • Sia Verma
    Sia Verma

    why did watching this feel like i was literally on vacation with your family lmao

  • mia

    you're my favorite youtuber because your videos are SO entertaining ! they always make my days and make me laugh and smile so much. thank you for making me happy hannah! and being positive always. i appreciate it more than you know :))

  • cry about it
    cry about it

    someone tell jack being a weeb is more attractive

    • ari pi
      ari pi

      That’s what I was thinking

  • Sara Campana
    Sara Campana

    I love how thankful you guys are 🥺 it makes me so happy

  • bailey

    love you & your vids! they're so funny and the editing is always on point, hope you're loving college!!

  • Charlotte Ryan
    Charlotte Ryan

    why do these vids make me feel like i’m part of their family i love it

  • Nani Meng
    Nani Meng

    she’s gotten so good at editing!!?😍😍

  • Arlette Ruiz
    Arlette Ruiz

    Hannah’s face is so me when my cousins make me watch anime with them 😂

  • Hannah Meloche
    Hannah Meloche

    hey guys! one of my fav videos but since I'm premiering PLEASE be nice and respectful in the chat THANK YOU

    • Tiff 🥀🖤
      Tiff 🥀🖤


    • saskia

      love your family

    • Maddie Kate
      Maddie Kate

      we all love you Hannah

    • Hazel Schooley
      Hazel Schooley


  • iluvcb93

    I think we can all agree that Andrew was the star of this vlog. Hilarious!

  • mia

    this made my whole day i hope you know how much people you make genuinely happy

  • Papa Ria
    Papa Ria

    I don't think I stopped laughing this entire video! I absolutely loved it!!

  • Berenice Gomez
    Berenice Gomez

    Your mom is hilarious!! She’s such a mood 😂😂💀

  • Ava Williams
    Ava Williams

    This video is a representation as to why jack is my favorite sibling of hannahs😃💀😹

  • halley

    I’m quarantined because of in-person school and Hannah’s keeping me sane!!❤️

  • Gabriella Morello
    Gabriella Morello

    I LOVE the family vlogs❤️

  • Delaney Holloran
    Delaney Holloran

    hannah’s mom is giving me so much main character energy i love her

  • Alaina Davis
    Alaina Davis

    Honestly nothing better than Hannah’s editing, keep workin it girl!!!

  • Kinny

    Jack is me while showing my friend my favorite tv show

  • mia

    hi! thank you for spreading positivity han. i love and appreciate you always

  • Gabriella O’Reilly
    Gabriella O’Reilly

    Honestly Hannah is an icon and I think we can all agree 💅🥺

  • Hayleyll

    The editing makes this video go from a 10/10 to 15/10

  • Curl & Curly
    Curl & Curly


  • Julia Collamore
    Julia Collamore

    This was chaotic and I loved every second of it

  • leah triana
    leah triana

    Hannah baby I LOVE YOU. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come:,) you’re such a gem mama and may God bless you💛🌻

  • Brandy Herhusky
    Brandy Herhusky

    i love how you edit hannah! 1:07 is so funny

  • jibie j
    jibie j

    I was about to say I sure hope there's a part two of this awesome family!!

  • Alivia Kaye
    Alivia Kaye

    i love Hannah and her siblings so much! :))

  • Bonilla 722
    Bonilla 722

    I love your content and your siblings!!!

  • it’s chels
    it’s chels

    Stan the meloche family for clear skin✨

  • Daisy Sunshine
    Daisy Sunshine

    I'm so hooked on ur channel Hannah! Your content is gold 😍 ILY all so much!! 😘

  • Reese's Rockin Records
    Reese's Rockin Records

    Yay! I love Hannah and her videos so much! I hope to have a successful channel like her one day!! 💕💕

  • Elly Gaumond
    Elly Gaumond

    I hope you’re having a great day Hannah!

  • Alaana Panu
    Alaana Panu

    i LOVED this video, so dang funny!! I am soooo excited for part2 ((:

  • Jenna's Vlogs
    Jenna's Vlogs

    LIVING for these vids of hannah and her fam☺️

  • Maite Pineda
    Maite Pineda

    I love this family 🙃☺️

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    AWW Hannah’s laugh, the sweetest

  • chloe t
    chloe t

    Here is the answer to the age-old glass half full/ half empty question. No, it doesn’t have to do with optimism or pessimism, but rather the action with the glass. If the last thing you did with it was fill it up, then it is half full. If the last thing you did with it was drink out of it or pour it out, then it’s half-empty. Thank you for your time

  • drea kuntjoro
    drea kuntjoro

    literally laughed so many times while watching this hahahah

  • Sawyer Griffin
    Sawyer Griffin

    “Our code names are really good I don’t want to change them” but the names are Evan and Ben Smith like the most basic names hahaha

  • mia

    so good !! love watching your family

  • gabbie and noelle
    gabbie and noelle

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SM 🥰🥰 Keep up the amazing work 🙌 You inspire me for my channel 🌈 To who ever sees this: have an AMAZING day!

  • Sarah Holowatuk
    Sarah Holowatuk

    love watching your family because it’s the exact same as mine hahah!