Hannah Meloche
thank you 2021
and thank YOU for being apart of it
watch the end portion of the video if you can i have a little bit i wanna say to you hehe
i'm so grateful for all the highs and lows this year
life is so beautiful and God is so good
i love you guys so much

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  • Lucy Landrum
    Lucy Landrum

    HOLY… MERE THIS IS A WORK OF ART and hannah this is a testament to ending on a truly good note and being thankful for it all

  • riley

    Ok but Mere’s editing was amazing. We all need a best friend like her

  • MaskitMati


  • Cora Jackson
    Cora Jackson

    i legit cried during this video 3 times. mere’s editing skills are out of the world and i wish you all an awesome new year!

  • Pig

    Who else agrees when Hannah uploads our days get better 💜

  • Olivia Wiger
    Olivia Wiger

    MEREDITH IF U SEE THIS this video is a work of art!! It's been great watching your videos this past year Hannah! Happy new year! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for everyone!

  • kim lilac
    kim lilac

    felt crying feeling like i was part of every memories, i never missed a single video through out the year 😭😭😭 thank you hannah for inspiring my "locked down" "quarantined" life 💜

  • Jordan Campechano
    Jordan Campechano

    Why did I literally start crying 😅😭 that video was so beautiful!! You’re videos are truly the best and something I look forward to CONSTANTLY! You and Meredith both are so talented. Thank you for all the content you’ve created this year ❤️ I can’t wait to see more this next year

  • meow21_

    living life: enjoying it, hating it, crying about it, regretting it, smiling at it, laughing at it, moving with it.

  • Addison cora
    Addison cora

    This is a masterpiece, so wonderful! I can tell you’ve grown so much this year, and I’m so happy watching the strong and powerful woman you’ve become! Much love to you :)x

  • Samantha

    I love this, i think some people just think that we influencers never have ups and downs and we do , can’t wait to see what you have for 2022 hannah 😊 i luv u so much!!

  • Caroline Jordon
    Caroline Jordon

    I highly appreciate the balance of this video. You addressed all of my first thoughts when watching and comparing my situation to the first half of the video. Glad you have had a positive reflection on the good and the bad.

  • avam

    "led me to god” the words that give me joy.

  • Project Redhead
    Project Redhead

    Hannah, I am so proud of who you are, and are becoming, stay on fire for the Lord. He will guide you throughout all the waves of life, I'm on my own journey to crawling back to faith and you have inspired me to step into His word and really find my identity in Him again. Thank you for encouraging me. Keep being you, God's plans for you are greater than you ever could imagine, and thank you for reminding me how important it is to keep him at the center. I appreciate you!

  • Victoria Saccoccio
    Victoria Saccoccio

    Mere is so so talented. You can really see how much attention and care went into that video 🖤

  • Abby Paul
    Abby Paul

    god’s creations all shown through the video and how it always brings us together. i’m so proud of you hannah and how much you’ve grown. such an amazing human being who never stops growing and surprising us with new goals being accomplished so many times. keep on going hannah and i can’t wait to see what god’s plan leads you to in 2022

  • Keris Mathwin
    Keris Mathwin

    Why'd that make me cry and just appreciate hannah's honesty. I love you so much hannah, and I pray that 2022 is a better year for you mentally, and that everything is going well in your life <3

  • Macy Young
    Macy Young

    this is so BEAUTIFUL !!! i have been watching you since you were in high school and i am crying watching this !! thank you for being so genuine and sharing your heart with us !!! SO thankful to watch you and learn from you and grow with you !!

  • Kylan Barger
    Kylan Barger

    Mere you did amazing, so incredibly talented🤎hannah I’m so proud of you, you both inspire me daily

  • Cora Davis
    Cora Davis

    the editing of this video is insane, and the whole video motivated and moved me <33