giving our best friend a complete makeover!
Hannah Meloche
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giving our best friend a complete makeover! a whole new look even tho she's perfect both ways. thank you shein for sponsoring this video we love you!
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  • Nikki Blasi
    Nikki Blasi

    ok friendship goals i love this friendship so much

  • Sara G
    Sara G

    Jenny: “I hate this”

  • Sandra Maurice
    Sandra Maurice

    I want this to be a series lol

  • Ned d
    Ned d

    That guy is 100% crushing on Jenny

  • Holly Freeman
    Holly Freeman

    I actually love seeing Jenny and Hannah’s other friends in her vids!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • tilda may
    tilda may

    jenny is so cute omg she has such a nice smile 😍

  • Lizzie Fitzpatrick
    Lizzie Fitzpatrick

    I want a makeover by hannah 😭

  • Kelly Vu
    Kelly Vu

    ok again hannah and her friends are everything 💛

  • Aubry Linn
    Aubry Linn

    y’all are the sweetest friends for hyping her up this vid is adorable

  • Vivienne Lau
    Vivienne Lau

    she lowkey reminds me of like blake lively and jennifer anniston mixed together what

  • Sloan Ballman
    Sloan Ballman

    I love how many times they all went “jenyyyyyyyyy” “omgggg” “JENNNYYYYYYYYYYY!!?!?”

  • Khushi gawri
    Khushi gawri

    Uses tanner to make her darker then uses makeup to make her lighter

  • call me sofia
    call me sofia

    i love how hannah showed the after photo but blurred the before photo 😂😂

  • Ana Ojeda
    Ana Ojeda

    Jenny is literally the cutest human ever omg

  • Paloma Azuaga
    Paloma Azuaga

    I love her friendship with Jenny and Emily😍

  • thiccvic

    oh my god, her outfit reminds me of someone like cher

  • m i c h e l l e
    m i c h e l l e

    I love Jenny, I can relate so much to her. I’m literally the same

  • GirlyD


  • Marisa

    Raise your hand if Hannah is your favourite IRglor!!🙋🏼

  • Franny Becker
    Franny Becker

    Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹