dramatic teenager tries a juice cleanse for 1 day
Hannah Meloche
trying a juice cleanse for 1 day this video is very dramatic and i don't know why i said i'd do a part 2 if this video gets 70,000 likes in 24 hours!
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thank you for watching and supporting me i love you so incredibly much and i'll see ya in the next video!
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  • Rachel Nielsen
    Rachel Nielsen

    honestly i RESPECT people who can successfully get through a juice cleanse... i really wouldn’t last 😩

  • Sophia A
    Sophia A

    "ew that's not cute"

  • Lilly & Nora
    Lilly & Nora

    i'm litterally eating mcdonalds while watching her be healthy

  • Caitlin Horner
    Caitlin Horner

    Hannah: I’m going to leave the juice in the car and come back

  • Grace Hunt
    Grace Hunt

    i’ve always wanted to try this but i love food too much

  • h

    wait why do i want to do a juice cleanse now

  • Grace Paolillo
    Grace Paolillo

    i did a juice cleanse for two days over the summer and I honestly felt amazing afterwards

  • Sarah Overmyer
    Sarah Overmyer

    You should do a $100 at Goodwill vs $100 at Urban Outfitters

  • Irene Angelidakis
    Irene Angelidakis

    I cannot believe you can just walk out of your school into the car... I can’t even leave my classroom without a hall pass 😂😂😂

  • dylan katersky
    dylan katersky

    I took a sip of celery juice this morning and I thought it was over man

  • Clean Juice
    Clean Juice

    You killed it! Way to stick with it throughout the day.

  • Despina Chrisanthou
    Despina Chrisanthou

    Fun Fact: The acid and enzymes inside our stomach breaks down the food we are eating and cleanses the body. You don't need a juice to do that.

  • Izz zzz
    Izz zzz

    sis we need tea about the girdies...

  • Mikayla Keep
    Mikayla Keep

    YAY!!! I work for the corporate offices @ Clean Juice(: We're all loving this video so much! You're the cutest! We love you!

  • Ella Mosca
    Ella Mosca

    love you hannah so much! your videos are always making me happy and in a positive mood. thanks for that <3

  • amanda dingman
    amanda dingman

    this is so random but that pink hoodie on you in the beginning looks SO GOOD

  • audrey carmella
    audrey carmella

    Proud of you for sticking it out! You’re inspiring 👍🏼

  • Mikaela Greene
    Mikaela Greene

    i love love loveee your videos!! i hope that one day we can meet, you seem so genuine and amazing! its been so great to watch your channel grow over the years, keep up the great work hannah :)

  • Francesca Henry
    Francesca Henry

    Wears sunglasses inside but takes them off while driving lol

  • Maddie Boyle
    Maddie Boyle

    HANNAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! You have helped me out through the hardest times!!!! I hope you are having fun being 18. Just to let you know again I love you so much, you deserve everything!!!💛💛💛💛💛lots of love, from Maddie