shopping for my 21st birthday
Hannah Meloche
shopping for my 21st LETS GOOOO
we're in cali rn still but this birthday vlog is coming later this week WOOOOHOOO
probably right around friday i'm guessing
such a fun weekend wow i'm so excited to share with y'all
it was magical
guys i'm weak as fuck i got that dress at the mall but somehow it's legit on amazon hahhaha me wearing an amazon dress on my 21st OH WELL i felt fire so it worked out!
got my birthday dress from Homecoming Honolulu but here it is from Amazon
link to dress:
went to a couple other stores / here are some of the other tings i brought
white corset link:
white long skirt link:
black heels link:
black leather purse link:
bucket bag link:
tan purse link:
i thought i was gonna do more of a haul type video but i really just ended up talking! so hopefully that's okay!
please make today amazing
sending my love to all of you

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  • Hayden Evans
    Hayden Evans

    These past few vlogs have had an especially authentic and happy vibe! I love it! You are glowing Hannah! I hope you had a great birthday!

  • Ransford Rowe
    Ransford Rowe

    Clearly your 21st birthday was one you will remember for a long time.Great you could spent it with the important people in your life.

  • marisa

    every day hannah uploads is a good day

  • ava Conner
    ava Conner

    hannah i’m not even lying you are my comfort person. i actually love you so much and like my mental health has gotten so much better bc of you. you are a beautiful angel and happy 21st girly! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Natalia Marincov
    Natalia Marincov

    I can't belive how fast time flies! I remember like yesterday when the 18th bday vlog came out. Ly sm hannah<3

  • Sophie Powers
    Sophie Powers

    Super excited for you Hannah! Have a wonderful birthday 🎂

  • Monika Boceska
    Monika Boceska

    Hannah you forgot to link your fits! I need that white dress for my 21st next month!! LOL

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    Omg Hannah I can’t believe you’re turning 21 already!! Happy birthday!! 🥳 I hope this year brings you nothing but more laughter joy and success. ☺️💜

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie

    I remember watching the video where her friends suprise see her with a 18th bday party! Now she’s turning 21!! I can’t believe how time flys! 🤪🤭🥲

  • Landry Conaway!
    Landry Conaway!

    I LOVE her!! She is SO pretty!! Happy late birthday Hannah!!!!😆

  • Tasia Cross
    Tasia Cross

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday. I've been watching you for years. Your an amazing person.

  • mads

    you make everday a good day with your glowing smile!! :)thankyou for being you ily hannah

  • hannah

    I love you Hannah, you literally have such a nice and happy vibe and your videos genuinely make me smile

  • Alex Anthony
    Alex Anthony

    Loved all of the birthday content from everyone! 💖

  • Angela Burnham
    Angela Burnham

    they say you glow differently when your happy. you are proof of this. i hope you keep glowing and growing :)

  • j schuby
    j schuby

    Happy bday Hannah!!!!!! All the blessings more life!!!!! I have a February bday as well hahaha!!!!! Wishing you nothing but the best!!!!

  • Savanah Black
    Savanah Black

    cant wait to see the rest of the vlogs❤️‍🔥 your birthday looked so special

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    Wow can’t believe that u are 21!! Happy birthday Hannah🥳💗 I hope that u had the best weekend ever because u deserve it :) love u so much❤️ and this vlog is amazing!!

  • zoe groleau
    zoe groleau


  • Mo FAV
    Mo FAV

    Happy birthday you amazing human! I hope 21 treats you well!