goodbyes are hard
Hannah Meloche
goodbyes are always hard... and i'm always emotional!
i decided to vlog the day dean had to go back to school. and now he's 5,000 miles away which makes me pretty sad i will not lie but it's okay i will see him for my birthday in a month! also... cannot believe i'll be 21 soon that's wild
stay till the end for a little affirmation hour i went on a drive after and listened to some music alone to really soak in all my emotions! so needed to soak in time with yourself and think about who you wanna be moving forward! lots of changes i wanna make moving forward but all exciting things! all exciting things.
sending you so much love
keep being you
my jewelry company:
i'll be over on instagram if you wanna say hey!
instagram: @ hannahmeloche
other than that!
i'll be back here very soon
i love you guys have a great day!!!

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  • Adriana Ramirez
    Adriana Ramirez

    you seem happier when you’re in hawaii surrounded by all these people, it makes me so happy:)

  • Dorie Pierre
    Dorie Pierre

    The contrast of Hannah and Dean being so sweet and in love and then Mere and Lexi being the frickin' Peanut Gallery in the background has me howling!

  • Katherine Malwitz
    Katherine Malwitz

    Hannah in her overall outfit, with her hair in a claw clip looks like a modern day Rachel from Friends and I love it.

  • Sarah Ann Baldauff
    Sarah Ann Baldauff

    I have loved seeing how close Hannah’s group has grown since last year!!

  • Liv Clark
    Liv Clark

    I've been doing long distance with my boyfriend for almost four years now. I think you have the best outlook on it (time to grow yourself and pour love into YOU). It is so important to look at it that way - if you are meant to be, you'll have the rest of your life to poor love into your S/O

  • macey〈3

    I love how Hannahs inner child and real authentic laugh comes out so abundantly around dean. he really is her person and they are in love, you can tell😍

  • Caroline Weatherly
    Caroline Weatherly

    Just was sitting on my bed sad about missing my long distance boyfriend. It’s really hard to be in college and living different lives and only getting to see each other every two weeks for only three days. Watching this video made me feel a lot better to know that someone else is making long distance work! Love you Hannah!

  • sammy keane
    sammy keane

    the airport hugs..tore me to shreds as someone who is also in a long distance relationship. although those hugs don't get easier, the time together is so so special and counting down/getting excited for the next time you will see them will help so much!!! we will get through this together ❤️❤️❤️ love you hannah

  • Katie Poduska
    Katie Poduska

    The way Hannah laughs with Dean is magic

  • Keely Rachel
    Keely Rachel

    Crazy seeing Hannah grow up I’ve been watching her for 3 almost 4 years and it’s so insane

  • Jaden Cote
    Jaden Cote

    loved the rawness and authenticity in this video hannah. keep doing what you're doing <3

  • Rachel Michel
    Rachel Michel


  • Nazanin Maily
    Nazanin Maily

    I know the long distance is hard but one day you’ll watch and see how cute and in love you guys were

  • Phoebe Dolin
    Phoebe Dolin

    Mere and Lexi talking about being single and wanting love too relatable

  • sherbies

    y'all are such a beautiful friend group like your souls are just so in tune and i couldn't be happier for you guys :))))

  • Maddy Quick
    Maddy Quick

    I needed to hear the long distance talk rn because it gets so hard not being able to talk or see each other all the time & sometimes i feel like i lose myself over it so i def agree prioritizing yourself is important

  • Jaden Phouthavong
    Jaden Phouthavong

    The editing is always SO good ugh. It feels ✨✨✨✨ all the time

  • Elana Ebensberger
    Elana Ebensberger

    i started sobbing when you said you were going to church with your friends. made me so happy. ugh. happy for you:):)

  • allegra

    hannah your content is always so comforting! idk how to describe it but i love it

  • Molly Wilkinson
    Molly Wilkinson

    I commented this during your last long distance relationship, but I’m still in mine and it’s reassuring to watch you go through it too! We’re all in it together 😊