the vlog of the summer
Hannah Meloche
the vlog of the summer... mere and nolan came to visit but there are SO many friends in this video i actually had the best week. so thankful for such an amazing summer. wait until the end to see my plans for the next few weeks and when i'm going back to hawaii!!!
your guys support means the world to me. thank you for watching my videos i love making these not only to look back on but to hopefully make you laugh or smile even if it's gonna improve your day in the slightest.
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thank you for watching and supporting me through it all
it means the world
make today amazing
i love you

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  • liv cain
    liv cain

    the quality. the music. the editing. the friendships. couldnt get much better

    • Emmanuelle Schultze
      Emmanuelle Schultze

      Cinematic masterpiece!

    • AxxL

      i am the best

  • sarah

    this is what the rest of the world wanted their summer 2021 to look like

    • Cleo Marie
      Cleo Marie

      Not me I actually enjoyed it and it was judt like this video

    • Patricia Ramos
      Patricia Ramos


  • Mollie

    It’s Nolan’s world and we’re just living in it 😂

  • Shontai Cross
    Shontai Cross

    nobody: nolan: DEAN TOOK MY SOCK OFF this vlog was everything and more i loved it ❤️

  • justWadel

    Nolan being pissed that everyone is late is definitely me lol. i can accept 15 mins but over an hour yeah i'd be heated

    • Chiara Katharina
      Chiara Katharina

      yesss! I can't stand people who are always late like do u think me and my time are not important enough?

  • Annie and Jessie
    Annie and Jessie

    Nolan is both the child and the dad of the group. I am Nolan lmao

    • trinity smet
      trinity smet

      yeah same haha

  • Nicole Parsons
    Nicole Parsons

    deans such a people person and everyone loves him I love it. I feel like he helps bring her out of her shell too

  • jade michiko
    jade michiko

    I love how she includes her hometown friends with her new Hawaii friends!! It’s so wholesome

  • Lyric Walker
    Lyric Walker

    miss girl has hyped this video up sm and it didn’t disappoint one bit!😍

  • rach p
    rach p

    I’ve missed Nolan and Mere!

  • Lauryn Blake
    Lauryn Blake

    I’m so happy you guys got to see jack and truckie again! I’ve missed that group. Now we just need Lexi

  • Caitlyn Riddell
    Caitlyn Riddell

    Dean and Nolan’s friendship is just chef’s kiss

  • aubree kokena
    aubree kokena

    i love how we’ve watched this girls life change since living in michigan. she found her happiness and she got rid of the bad in her life

    • Ella Carota
      Ella Carota

      where does she live now?

    • claire

      seriously makes me so happy to see how happy she is

  • The Coldest Water
    The Coldest Water

    "An angel's presence." The best compliment ever from a friend 🥰🥰🥰

  • ameeraa

    HANNAH, i love you. so much. ive been watching your vlogs for a while now and ive got to say- seeing you glowing and happy makes me feel so good thank you for making my day everytime you post

  • Taylor V
    Taylor V

    Dean literally planned the cutest surprise ever🥺

  • Makyden Parreira
    Makyden Parreira

    Lmfaoo! He had a paper due in less than an hour! Literally me😂😂😂 I freaking love Nolan

  • Kathlyn Mary
    Kathlyn Mary

    Hannah's just out here living her best life and I'm just living vicariously through her! Can I hang out with y'all you guys seem like a good ass time!

  • Victoria Hunt
    Victoria Hunt

    Nolan: mer spent 60 minutes picking out an outfit. Meredith: and I stilllll don’t like it. I am literally that friend. You can give me 24 hours to prepare and I will continue to hate it until I get home and take it off

  • Maddie Jane
    Maddie Jane

    Constantly living vicariously through Hannah ❤️✌️

  • katy

    This is a cinematic masterpiece !!!! Also love that Nolan is back , he’s freaking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carmen Gisondi
    Carmen Gisondi

    This video made me laugh so hard so many times hahah. Nolan and Dean are hilarious, absolutely love this friend group.

  • sofia avery
    sofia avery

    i was smiling throughout this whole video i loved it

  • Maddie

    Nolan is literally the funniest charecter there is. Plz get him in more vlogs

  • Elisa Laporta
    Elisa Laporta

    Im so happy you meet with Nolan and Mer I love this friendship so much

  • Cora Davis
    Cora Davis

    literally no one: nolan: WE NEED A LAMA AT HOME TONIGHT

  • Lauren Lizz
    Lauren Lizz

    Her editing is just impeccable! Honestly I literally have been stopping what I’m doing to appreciate her videos because it’s just so good that it deserves my full attention haha

  • Rachel Post
    Rachel Post

    I feel like after this video people will realize how good Jersey summers actually are

  • Millie Lacson
    Millie Lacson

    Hannah ur my favorite person ever it’s so cute to see how uve grown sm since I started watching u in 2018 ❤️

  • Bree Hathaway
    Bree Hathaway

    is no one going to talk about truckie’s “oh my god”

    • Bree Hathaway
      Bree Hathaway

      @Shannon Brown it was truckie, look at 17:22

    • Bree Hathaway
      Bree Hathaway

      @Rowan Erickson at 17:22

    • Rowan Erickson
      Rowan Erickson


    • Shannon Brown
      Shannon Brown

      I’m pretty sure that was Jack, I could be wrong tho.

  • Kimberly Jakharia
    Kimberly Jakharia

    as someone who lives in jersey, im here for all this jersey content and the vibes. feels nice recognizing places in the vlogs too.

  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita Singh

    You know. How we sometimes feel jealous of some youtubers and their perfect life and they even show off so much on internet. But then there is Hannah , not trying to show off and just sharing her life. It makes me happy for her and me too. ❤️

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    The vibes in this vid is just amazing!! It couldn’t get much better than this

  • m

    imagine the hawaii squad (mere, hannah, dean, jack and truck) for a month in new york vlogs!!!

    • abby hicks
      abby hicks

      what happened to lexi

  • jess

    hannah is literally living her best life🥰🥰

  • Amy Hall
    Amy Hall

    Hannah you look so happy when your with Dean and your friends. You just glow. I love this relationship.

  • Noemi Krizaic
    Noemi Krizaic

    Nolan going off at 12:46 about how they didn't leave on time and no one's ready is me!

  • Gianna G
    Gianna G

    Hannah’s videos of any kind are cinematic masterpieces

  • Anna G
    Anna G

    This was definitely one of the best vlogs I’ve seen! Loved the emotions in this one🥰🧚🏼‍♂️❤️

  • Caroline Shoaf
    Caroline Shoaf


  • Jenica’s Music
    Jenica’s Music

    Nolan is literally me like for real the accuracy is scary

  • Valerie Chung
    Valerie Chung


  • Nastya Klim
    Nastya Klim

    The next 20 minutes will be perfect. Love you Hannah ❤️

  • drea kuntjoro
    drea kuntjoro

    the chaotic energy in the bloopies. this vlog was amazing hahah

  • Malak Mostafa Aboulela
    Malak Mostafa Aboulela

    girl you’re winning in life with THAT group of friends!!!

  • Teodora Rotaru
    Teodora Rotaru

    This is one of my favorite videos from Hannah!!

  • Albright Family Vlogs
    Albright Family Vlogs

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day! 🥰

  • Brooke Talley
    Brooke Talley

    Also love your Pinterest content, as a Pinterest intern love seeing your pins!!

  • kenny

    okay i love this city content but CANNOT wait for more hawaii content soon 🥳

  • Sarah Castaneda
    Sarah Castaneda

    ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED NOW I WANT TO GO TO NY 😭💗 love you lots Hannah!

  • Rhetta Cummings
    Rhetta Cummings

    When dean yanked the shoe off of Nolan’s foot then proceeded to take of his sock had me dying 🤣😭 “I said my shoe, not my foot”

  • Baileigh Moore
    Baileigh Moore

    Heyyy Hannah! I love your video’s much I hope you have an amazing day!

  • kody patterson
    kody patterson

    this vlog is immaculate!!! gives me so much serotonin 🥺

  • toasters mom
    toasters mom

    Nolan’s scream on that ride was everything 😂

  • Kaitlyn Lesso
    Kaitlyn Lesso

    The way she looks at Dean my gosh! You look happy!!! So happy for you guys!!!!

  • Bailey Jade
    Bailey Jade

    dean deserves an award 👏

  • LM

    Hannah trying to cover up saying 'we're gonna shower anyways' by subtitling it as "you're" has me dead hahaha

    • LM

      @Madison x yes at first i heard her say we're and then when i saw the subtitles i heard you're hahah

    • Madison x
      Madison x

      lol, for some reason I can hear both tho...

    • Michaela

      @Janelle Novitsky 2:11

    • Adventures of Hudson
      Adventures of Hudson

      Glad I’m not the only one who caught that lol

    • Janelle Novitsky
      Janelle Novitsky

      Time stamp

  • Ly

    A great summer for a hard year we definitely deserved it also love dean

  • Dayanara Hurtado
    Dayanara Hurtado

    Hannah is living the life I want to live!

  • my anatomy
    my anatomy

    Just forking THANK YOU hannah for making my miserable summer .thank you a million times ❤

  • Amber Kaylenn Fournier
    Amber Kaylenn Fournier

    I love your videos!! You are one of my favorite IRglors and you and Dean are so cute 🥰

  • Ransford Rowe
    Ransford Rowe

    Most drawn out surprise ever but Hannah and Meres reaction was nice.😀😃

  • m

    i miss the old hawaii vlogs with jack, truck, dean, hannah and mere

  • AshCray

    I got so happy when I saw Nolan! He's the best!

  • Montse Delgado Gallardo
    Montse Delgado Gallardo

    Hanna i cant explain how much i love your vlogs haha

  • Rhetta Cummings
    Rhetta Cummings

    The vibes in this video give me so much serotonin

  • Parker Cruz
    Parker Cruz

    These are the vibes I wish I had this summer and every summer... maybe one day

  • chloizzzle mynizzzle
    chloizzzle mynizzzle

    less than a minute into this video & i fucking love it THE EDITING ! THE THUMBNAIL ! THE MUSIC ! on point 💕

  • shelby d smiley
    shelby d smiley

    When Dean said he had a bear that’s the last thing I expected hahahh

  • Paula Romero
    Paula Romero

    your videos are amazing, this is even more!

  • Makayla Leveille
    Makayla Leveille

    this is my favorite vlog ever! Love you Hannah!🤍🤍

  • peyton crawford
    peyton crawford

    this reminds me of vlogmas last year!! i love this

  • Allison Kelly
    Allison Kelly

    Meredith needs a pay raise after this edit

  • jordynmarie

    Hannah's vlogs are EVERYTHINGGG

  • Sophia Sudek
    Sophia Sudek

    Love your videos there amazing keep doing you

  • Madelynne Schneider
    Madelynne Schneider

    hannah the fact that you were able to sense lizas presence is impressive af

  • Allie Jones
    Allie Jones

    Nolan and Dean carried this vlog on their BACKS

  • Brianna Loretta
    Brianna Loretta


  • Ryan Ludwig
    Ryan Ludwig

    My face was smiling through this whole video

  • Ashley

    I love your videos hannah!