NYC apartment (for the month)
Hannah Meloche
my NYC airbnb for the month!! so excited to be in NYC to work and focus more on starlite! Thought we'd kick it off with a little tour // i'm so obsessed with their company, click here to shop: // the sale that they have rn is too good if you're wanting anything i showed
all my jewelry:
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very excited for this month, should be super productive and fun! wooohoo!
i love you!

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  • MaskitMati

    Can't wait for more NYC vlogs!!

  • Caitlin Rebekah
    Caitlin Rebekah

    When you don’t watch Hannah for a few weeks and come back she’s altered her life completely can’t keep up

  • Sam Samsel
    Sam Samsel

    I do not think you will ever truly realize how privileged you are being able to just get apartments for however long you want, wherever you want. No hate, just honestly bitter and jealous lol.

  • Sasha Kneller
    Sasha Kneller

    So excited for you!! I feel like this will be good for you, also can’t wait for the NYC vlogs🥰

  • Heidi Jo
    Heidi Jo

    IRglo influencer surprised her fans look up to her for outfit inspiration.😅 We love you Hannah, and you can make anything look good. Gym Shark was smart to sponsor you!

  • Elin Beale
    Elin Beale

    The music within Hannah’s vlogs is impeccable!

  • Samantha Rittenberg
    Samantha Rittenberg

    Is it just me or does this feel like the opposite of Hawaii and how it's even more perfect for Hannah and feel like she'll move here for a year or so soon?! It's also wayyy closer to Michigan. Love you and your vids Hannah❤️❤️

  • Mary grace Graham
    Mary grace Graham

    I love y’all! I bought the moon and little star starlight earrings and the gold chain bracelet. And they are my all time favorite jewelry right now! They are such great quality!!! Continue doing what you love girly you are doing great!!!

  • Sydney J
    Sydney J

    I def get so much style inspo from you Hannah!!! I’ve gotten so many clothes because YOU wore and styled them well

  • mvmt by bg
    mvmt by bg

    Your accountant is going to have a field day writing all this off in April lol. You’re a genius

  • Sophia Begani
    Sophia Begani

    Ooooo I'm so happy for you Hannah! Enjoy New York!!❤❤

  • Mimi Sinotte
    Mimi Sinotte

    We do indeed look up to you for your style Hannah

  • faith birkenstock
    faith birkenstock

    YESS SO PROUD OF U!! i love seeing you living ur best life babes 💞💞

  • Emma Holt
    Emma Holt

    Who else is ready for vlogmas with Hannah!!?

  • Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA

    Ahhh I'm proud of you gurl because you are sweetheart and I always umm enjoy your channel because your vlogs is perfect yessss I loved this

  • Addi

    Hannah’s on top of the uploading game and I’m so here for it

  • Sydney J
    Sydney J

    No bc Hannah + nyc + fall IS EVERYTHING I DIDNT KNOW I NEEDED

  • Donald Williams
    Donald Williams

    Congrats to you for getting your new apartment!

  • Adalee P
    Adalee P

    This is my dream life!!! it’s so great you get to experiment different living places, from Hawaii to NYC! Can’t wait to find you some city friends!!

  • sydneyXOmichelle

    I'm sorry to see that you are going through a period of anxiety, I have been there and I just wanted to let you know that it WILL pass. <333