Meloche Madness- Spring Break Canceled (Episode 6)
Hannah Meloche
More Meloche Madness! Spring break canceled... most importantly it was ellas senior spring break. BUT it's time to quarantine with the meloche kids!
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  • Kaylynn Carrero
    Kaylynn Carrero

    watching ella and reeve arguing is better then kim and kourtneys whole fight

    • ihateyoutoobe😌

      andrew is khloe and jack and reeve are kylie and kendall

    • Julia Torrez
      Julia Torrez

      Not even close

    • 1 D
      1 D


    • ella


    • taylor birtch
      taylor birtch

      LOL YAS

  • lauren nicole
    lauren nicole

    Okay but Andrew seems so unproblematic like he never argues or anything

    • Tavey Biehl
      Tavey Biehl

      Ikr jack tooo

    • lauren nicole
      lauren nicole

      Sienna Hewett thanks

    • Sarah Williams
      Sarah Williams

      Macy Miller oml she’s just taking about him from observing him in the video and comparing him to his siblings IN THE VIDEO . If anyone has to chill it’s probably gonna be you .

    • Kayla

      I aspire to be like Andrew

    • Macy Miller
      Macy Miller

      lauren nicole this is such a lame comment, you know about .001% of their lives chill out

  • Tatyana

    “You have no patience” “And you have no morals” “Why are you about to cry” “I’m not going to” This was the realest sibling argument I’ve ever witnessed

    • Sharis Santos
      Sharis Santos

      Ya but honestly kinda felt bad for Reeve cause he made one insult and ella made like 20 and everyone got mad for his one insult lol

    • Emilia Breisnes
      Emilia Breisnes

      Soooooooooo true! Only people who have siblings can relate

  • prettyy aff
    prettyy aff

    when your eyes water during an argument. is literally. the. worst. feeling. ever.


      If am angry it's better to cry

    • Emma Feltmate
      Emma Feltmate

      being called out for it just makes it 10x worse too

    • Gerda

      Sophie literally same 🥺

    • xoxo

      i kind of feel bad for reeve, bc he's just a kid and all of them were ganging up on him, and he said he was literally like 5 min late or something, they blew it way out of proportion

    • username

      Yessss and it is even worst when they tell you like why tf are you cryinggg I kinda felt bad for Reeve

  • Dolly Stanley
    Dolly Stanley

    I love how everyone was arguing and Andrew says “ I just wear what Hannah tells me to wear.” Haha

    • Kerstin Mitterer
      Kerstin Mitterer

      andrew is so unproblematic I love it

    • Taylor Ellis
      Taylor Ellis

      thats literally what my little brother says about me

  • Maria

    Hannah is a special breed to wanna move back into that house lol

    • Ryan Ludwig
      Ryan Ludwig

      no not really it is not that easy

    • ekram mohammed
      ekram mohammed

      One cannot permanently dispense or leave his family, no matter how old he is

    • Maia Koenes
      Maia Koenes

      why?? lmaooo

    • Isabelle Farrand
      Isabelle Farrand

      Maria I- 🤭💀💀💀 so true tho

  • zara duh
    zara duh

    Hannah: busy explaining whats going on Ella: constantly reminding everyone that she is almost an adult Reeve: actually enjoying quarantine Jack: acting like your typical middle school boy Andrew: super chill and nice Their mom: trying to keep everything under control

    • Arez Abdula
      Arez Abdula

      Meloche family

    • Macy Miller
      Macy Miller

      clouddi starr what

  • sofia de pujadas
    sofia de pujadas

    andrew is the best in this family like he is such a sweetheart edit: OMGG 1k likes ?!?!

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune

      @Messy Rabbit we literally are omg we feel everyone’s pain

  • Malia Balzer
    Malia Balzer

    I died when ella called Reeve “you armpitless boy”

    • Taylor Morgan
      Taylor Morgan

      facts lol

  • A

    reeve is such a pure king he doesn't deserve it that broke my heart

    • Fluthy; he, him
      Fluthy; he, him

      what time do they get out? 2:45? :50? Or some arbitrary time like 2:48?

    • Macy Miller
      Macy Miller

      A wtf

  • Sam

    “Ella calm down“ “armpits hairless” “you’re bigass nose “ I- I like this family waayy to much

    • Bella

      This sounds like my family lmao🤣that's how we show we love each other.

  • Camila Belen
    Camila Belen

    omg i felt bad for reeve during that fight! like chill its just a few minutes

    • Ashea E
      Ashea E

      I remember I would have to use the bathroom because my teachers wouldn’t let me

    • T

      Camila Belen I see where Ella was coming from because I have an older brother and he takes the longest to meet me so we can go home and after 7 hours of school and having to pick up her brothers she just frustrated and wants to go home😂

    • Natalia Tracz
      Natalia Tracz


    • Mariah L.
      Mariah L.

      I think it’s because their mom, she’s always on e a down to a second schedule

  • Marissa Rincon
    Marissa Rincon

    why did she get so mad when she literally left him at school like she's in the wrong lol

    • sricha

      That’s cause she had a schedule. Some people are very strict about their time.

    • Olivia Pope
      Olivia Pope

      honestly i’m with reeve like, no hate toward ella, but i’d be mad if one of my siblings left me, i mean i get it reeve should’ve been there. but at least have a little patience, like goodness gracious, 2-5 minutes isn’t that bad

  • Andrea Movi
    Andrea Movi

    That fight between Reeve and Ella is the realest sibling fight on the internet 😂 I’ve had a similar one with my sister I love this so much it’s like a good KWTK

  • Ashley O
    Ashley O

    Ella’s attitude shows how much she’s not almost an adult lol

    • hak

      @Kristal Martinez literally 😭

    • Kristal Martinez
      Kristal Martinez

      I feel like she’s just like her mom

  • Renée Van dijk
    Renée Van dijk

    When you’re 17 and call yourself an adult 😂

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune

      Tbh I don’t want to grow up

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune

      Don’t call me out like that lmao

  • Molly Hanlon
    Molly Hanlon

    I think Ella was being wayyyy harsh on Reeve... I feel so bad for him. What kind of rule is it that you will leave without someone if they are not exactly on time for your schedule? Damn... my mom would kick my ass

    • Ashea E
      Ashea E

      I have a little brother and 4 siblings so, 5 kids like her family. And my mom would beat my ass and I would wait for him, I know she has stuff to do but calm down! And when she dropped the f bomb, that was just outta pocket

    • Georgia K
      Georgia K

      ik I’m always like 10 minutes late out cuz I’m talking to people but my siblings just get on with it lmao

    • Kayla Teplica
      Kayla Teplica

      I know I don’t know how her mom is okay with that. If I could drive and it was my responsibility to take home my younger sister and I came home alone saying she was late my mom would be soooo mad! Because, that’s my take her home. Even if she was 10 minutes late and in this case he was only 3 minutes late!

    • Beatriz Morales
      Beatriz Morales

      Erin Wainger you weird 😂 but go off keep talking about a 17 year old girl who is doing nothing but being a teenager

    • Beatriz Morales
      Beatriz Morales

      y’all need to chill it’s a fight between siblings that’s literally how they go and 2 seconds after they’re back to normal

  • Veronica

    can we talk about how hannah is the sweetest person ever for buying her brother clothes :,)

    • Macy Miller
      Macy Miller

      Veronica that a little bit of a stretch

  • Sofiarifanburg

    Ok but like i kinda feel bad for reeve like he was two minutes late and she left

    • Lamin Manneh
      Lamin Manneh

      Felt the same way too Sofia. And his wearing a boot cast on his foot.

    • nola casonato
      nola casonato

      no honesty I get it. ella has lacrosse practice and she has tons of homework. if he's 2 mins late that could mean 2 mins late for lacrosse or not get the homework done or at that time it's rush hour.

    • Kayla Teplica
      Kayla Teplica

      Alina Villani no hate to you but it wasn’t that it continued going longer and longer. Ella specifically said it was 3 minutes after the bell rang that she left. I just think that was too early to go and once it reached a certain point, it was okay to leave. But 3 minutes is hardly even waiting for him to come

    • CRUZIN

      He probs has done it a lot

    • Alina Villani
      Alina Villani

      Staerykim yeah but then 2 mins turns into 5 which then turns into 10 which then turns into 15 and on and on. Hes gotta know that other people exist and hes gotta be appreciative that his sister is driving him ans picking him up. Im 17 soon 18 and im still taking the train and metro to school everyday and will continue to in college too. Hes so lucky that hes that young and is already having a sibling drive them home

  • Maggie Quesinberry
    Maggie Quesinberry

    Am I the only one who’s on reeves side lol. She could’ve at least waited 🥺. And I’m also the youngest so definitely feel 🤧🙏🏻.

    • rosie day
      rosie day

      it's disrespectful for him to take advantage other doing a favour like its just courtesy to be on time when someones taking time out of their day to do something for you

    • Student Loans
      Student Loans

      I leave late everyday, but I also drive myself so🤷‍♀️ but school lets out at 2:50, and it takes a hell of a lot more time to get to your locker and such than 3 minutes.

    • Kayla Teplica
      Kayla Teplica

      Tragiczz same!!! My mom would have been so mad especially since that would have been my responsibility

    • Lily Ramsteck
      Lily Ramsteck


  • Elsa Sebatigita
    Elsa Sebatigita

    I love how Ella constantly repeats that she's an adult.

  • Grace Carmody
    Grace Carmody

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel bad for Reece because I get being mad about being late but like they left him behind. Idk probably just me. (Not trying to offend anyone just my opinion! :) )

    • ihateyoutoobe😌

      @Catalina Alexander no one cares reeve isn’t a generic name so it was probably autocorrect also we all know who they were talking about

    • Lillian Alyssa
      Lillian Alyssa

      Maia Koenes she should be grateful instead of being selfish/dramatic in that like it’s not deep.

    • Lillian Alyssa
      Lillian Alyssa

      Maia Koenes they waited two minutes supposedly like I hate to say it but being the older sibling comes with responsibility. Her mom doesn’t HAVE to let her drive at all since she wasn’t 18.

    • Mackenzie Harmon
      Mackenzie Harmon

      the younger siblings do not have to respect them, that’s ridiculous they are siblings and i think it’s ridiculous

    • Elizabeth Sherman
      Elizabeth Sherman

      For real though. He was only 2 minutes late

  • Clare

    “The only nice one is Andrew“ the middle child is always the nicest. 💀

    • Rachel Strempler
      Rachel Strempler

      Not true in my family

    • Not me
      Not me

      Clare Camasura not my brother lmao he has anger issues 💀

    • Bayan Agha
      Bayan Agha

      Not my fam, The middle is the rudest

    • ella

      And they are always more quiet 💀

    • Fluthy; he, him
      Fluthy; he, him

      yeah i have triplet brothers, and the oldest triplet and youngest (by ~1 minute) argue all the time while the middle triplet is much calmer. I used to be really mean to my brothers but now I'm a lot nicer since I have other people to insult (Trump and his party)

  • Rachel Maddie
    Rachel Maddie

    I love how much her brothers liked the clothes Hannah bought

  • Trista Sasaki
    Trista Sasaki

    Their mom: “So Ella’s trash but what are you today?”😂

    • Kara

      This took me OUT 😂😂😂😂 lol

    • Trista Sasaki
      Trista Sasaki

      haylie green haha thanks😂

    • haylie green
      haylie green

      T R I S T A this comment made me laugh😂😂

  • Brynn Erica
    Brynn Erica

    i don't think i've ever seen andrew argue back, he's so kind and unproblematic 🥺

    • Malia Malis
      Malia Malis

      @Nuya Taylor look right with so many siblings it’s normal

    • Nuya Taylor
      Nuya Taylor

      Arguing back doesn’t inherently make you “problematic”. Are you a doormat?

  • iz

    the fact that hannah shops for her little brothers is so cute i can’t

    • Macy Miller
      Macy Miller

      isabelle lee really

  • Arielle Rendon
    Arielle Rendon

    ella do b thinking she’s 30 for absolutely no reason doe 😳

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune

      @Fluthy; he, him y’all white kids are hilarious I couldn’t say this to my mom y’all have it good

    • Priel ThePrune
      Priel ThePrune

      @Diana K 💀💀

    • Sakthi Kk
      Sakthi Kk

      GLEEk FEST Hannah’s much more mature

    • Jaylah

      “I’m more of an adult than Hannah is” girl I-

    • Alicia Taveras
      Alicia Taveras

      so true like wtf

  • Gia Panda
    Gia Panda

    their mom is lowkey rly strict

    • J C
      J C

      Making your teenage children a whole ass schedule with a "bedtime" of 9 especially during quarantine is just sad lmao

  • Aislinn Hess
    Aislinn Hess

    ella: “why are you yelling?” also ella: *SCREAMING*

  • Aislinn Hess
    Aislinn Hess

    “you aren’t an adult either” “yes im 17 years old” *wait a damn minute*

  • Mimi Brown
    Mimi Brown

    i feel so bad for ella and along with the rest of the senior class, when she put on the dress my heart broke. i was gonna go to Cancun too, it’s crazy how fast corona spreaded.

    • Kelsey King
      Kelsey King

      same but it got canceled (obviously) but it’s sad

    • discopumps

      Mimi Brown stay in school spreaded.

  • Claudia Tapia
    Claudia Tapia

    ella arguing for 5 minutes straight gave me a headache

    • Gabby’s Corner
      Gabby’s Corner

      I had to fast forward because it was making me so mad

    • karen

      Claudia Tapia yeah i mean she went way too far he’s a kid he was literally 2 minutes late like chill

  • Charles Carey
    Charles Carey

    Y’all sleeping on Jack, he’s such a vibe bruh😂

  • Kristina Alexa
    Kristina Alexa

    Ella's favorite line is "I'm an adult" LMAO

  • erin gilligan
    erin gilligan

    honestly i dont like ella, she keeps calling herself an adult when shes 17. your barely an adult when your 18 like calm down

    • Malia Malis
      Malia Malis

      This is like every teen counsellor breathe

    • vincent_cnds

      Shane Irish I second this, and also, we can’t just really assume and judge them based on this 18:04 video.

    • Shane Irish
      Shane Irish

      Brian Schweitzer have to agree with this... We don't know how ella acts in the family and she prolly achieved that role of being one of the grown-ups

    • Brian Schweitzer
      Brian Schweitzer

      Youuuu donnnnt knowwww herrrr

    • Kayla Teplica
      Kayla Teplica

      erin gilligan I totally agree she needs to calm down a bit. She wants to be an adult so bad she doesn’t realize that even some 20 year olds don’t like considering themselves adults because of how young they are and act

  • maya corinne
    maya corinne

    i love reeve so much he’s literally always the sweetest sibling in all of hannah’s videos🥺 it literally breaks my heart watching him cry

  • Shreeya Kulkarni
    Shreeya Kulkarni

    I totally get that siblings fight like that, my family and I fight just like this, but as a whole I feel like everyone picks on reeve the most.

    • Poppy Degnan
      Poppy Degnan

      Shreeya Kulkarni agreed.

  • serotoninjess

    Ella is such a b word to her brother awww like how is she just gonna leave him at school

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    the fact that hannah is basically a stylist for her brothers is so cute 🤩🥺

  • Ariel Rayne
    Ariel Rayne

    watching Hannah's mom in the videos just honestly makes me appreciate my own mother soooo much more, and like I used to think my mom was controlling and stuff but after watching this she's actually chill in comparison

    • Michelle Li
      Michelle Li

      Ariel Rayne can related

  • carly elias
    carly elias

    reeve is my favorite of the boys and it made me so sad when it looked like he was starting to cry 😭


    okay but no ones talking about literally how sweet Jack was being throughout this whole vlog. Usually he seems like the "bad boy" but he was literally saying the sweetest stuff about his fam. aw

  • Angela Wellman
    Angela Wellman

    I’m obsessed with meloche madness, it is very well done/filmed and very interesting. I really feel like I’m getting an inside look into your life. I feel like it’s a tv series& wish there was a next episode to play ahaha

  • Hallie Raeann
    Hallie Raeann

    BROOO Ella...he's just a kid. Chilllll 😂😂 this was a great vid, although it kinda stressed me out XD

    • Hallie Raeann
      Hallie Raeann

      @Gila Bensusan Actually I am the oldest of 9 so yeah 😂

    • Gila Bensusan
      Gila Bensusan

      Abigail Grace I have 11 older siblings and I’m the second youngest but we fight sometimes but I’m guessing for someone who comes form a small family would get overwhelmed, so it’s very understandable

    • Abigail Carroscia
      Abigail Carroscia

      @Gila Bensusan I have freaking eight younger siblings, one older, and this was stressing me out too. Believe me we fight alot, but we try not to use language/names. And apologizing is something we also do...idk I felt bad for Reeve :/

    • Gila Bensusan
      Gila Bensusan

      Krithi Sundar yeh me too

    • krithi sundar
      krithi sundar

      @Gila Bensusan as the younger sibling, i kinda understood how reeve was feeling lol. it seemed as though they were ganging up on him. but i get it cuz siblings fight , and thats what siblings are for haha.

  • bethany kim
    bethany kim

    meloche madness is becoming more and more like a reality show every time 🤩🤩

  • Gianna G
    Gianna G

    I feel like everyone who’s saying Ella went to far probably doesn’t have younger siblings. Like I can see how it might look for an outsider but like I’m the oldest so I feel for Ella lol

    • Kayla Teplica
      Kayla Teplica

      I’m the oldest too but I would never be allowed to treat my younger sister like this without being in huge trouble. The thing is that I understand you might get mad at ur younger sibling but she went too far and no one even thought about correcting her.

    • Poppy Degnan
      Poppy Degnan

      G Squared but Ella isn’t the oldest Hannah is

  • Edith Rubio
    Edith Rubio

    I love how Ellas excuse is that she’s an adult lmao that’s how I was at 17 lmao so no hate it’s just funny

  • Kayla Roberts
    Kayla Roberts

    This can low key be an reality show.

  • dusterislyfe

    That schedule was the whitest thing ever imagine being teen and having to go to bed at 9 pm 🤧

    • Fluthy; he, him
      Fluthy; he, him

      ridiculous. Ella has good reason to be rebellious.

  • Evelyn W
    Evelyn W

    Hannah should consider applying to IU. They have one of the top business schools in the country and a great media school as well.

  • sarai lastenia
    sarai lastenia

    This is honestly really interesting and real and I think it’s cool that Hannah post these type of vlogs

  • Jenny Fleishman
    Jenny Fleishman

    When Reeve and Ella were fighting, it sounded like Keeping up with the Kardashians lol!

  • Sophia Nicole
    Sophia Nicole

    i love this its like a family reality tv show, hannah put a lot of work into this

    • Fluthy; he, him
      Fluthy; he, him

      for sure tho, I liked the video a lot

  • Olivia Leigh
    Olivia Leigh

    when ella thinks shes an adult...HA just you wait...

    • Olivia Leigh
      Olivia Leigh

      @Emily Dawn hahaha me too

    • Emily Dawn
      Emily Dawn

      Olivia Leigh haha same, I was that way at 17 too and then I got hit with a truck

  • Grace Kiter
    Grace Kiter

    those sibling fights are so accurate i can’t even watch without smiling because i’ve been through so many HAHAHAHA

  • Raneem Al Jariri
    Raneem Al Jariri

    reeve is the CEO of “ella calm down”

  • jocelyn taylor
    jocelyn taylor

    ella needs to stop acting like she’s 30

    • Shayla

      make those high heels work! at the disco you mean 10? 🙄

    • Sidney Wines
      Sidney Wines


    • C J
      C J

      @Fluthy; he, him 9 pm bedtime is def not unreasonable

    • Diana25

      fr hahahaha it’s funny though 😂

    • Fluthy; he, him
      Fluthy; he, him

      @Tatiana Lunn it is reasonable for teenagers to be rebellious against helicopter parents It is also reasonable for people of a nation to be rebellious against dictators Neither generally turns out well, but you get the point.

  • Maddy Frasieur
    Maddy Frasieur

    I love that this video is so real. It really makes me feel good to know that other families with five kids argue too. I literally honestly thought that my siblings and I were the only ones that fought like this, but it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones 😂

  • Eden Durall
    Eden Durall

    i love when they're talking about their chores and their mom is just like "so ella's trash"

  • Poppy Degnan
    Poppy Degnan

    5:13 Hannah’s 19 right? How is Ella more of an adult Hannah is more mature than Ella. Ella like starts fights and argues with people that are four years younger but she swears at them as well that’s not being mature.

    • Malia Malis
      Malia Malis

      Loool it’s just siblings spat not that deep

  • Sydney Bauer
    Sydney Bauer

    Hannah this editing is incredible! I love and admire how you took a negative situation and turned it into an awesome show with your family. You’re so talented, keep sharing your story! ♥️

  • almond milk is bae
    almond milk is bae

    You already known when Hannah posts your day just got better ❤️

  • Madison McCowan
    Madison McCowan

    i’m so glad hannah does these. most youtubers just covers up their home lives and makes it look like everything is fine so everyone compares themselves to them.

  • Tara1 Seixas
    Tara1 Seixas

    Just binge watched Meloche Madness and it made my entire day! Hannah pleeasee continue these sort of vlogs with your fam during quarantine!

  • XxJosWhitxX

    The sibling argument, and everyone just awkwardly walking around, I feel that. That’s my family.

  • Stryker Malone
    Stryker Malone

    Thank you so much Hannah for being you. You bring positivity to different peoples homes during these tough times. Thank you sooo much. Pls see this and understand how amazing u are. ❤️

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    This is legit the best way to spend quarantine: rewatching all of the Meloche Madness episodes.

  • Kiran Kaur
    Kiran Kaur

    This was so entertaining excited for the next one! 💛

  • Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith

    I LOVE THIS SERIES ❤️❤️❤️❤️editing is so good you can tell Hannah puts SO MUCH EFFORT into it

  • Tam Bentel
    Tam Bentel

    I love how real this is- Can’t wait for more 😌

  • pri

    My mum would even wait 30mins for me. I don’t know what’s so difficult about 2mins late? Sometimes you’re late, it can’t be helped.

    • Michelle Li
      Michelle Li

      pri same

  • Shannon Allbright
    Shannon Allbright

    This just showed me why I love Yas so much.. like so geniune, friendly with everybody, positive an and all round great vibe. Keep that sis! #classof2020

  • Alex

    I honestly live for these videos, you guys are so freaking entertaining. This making being stuck in quarantine a million times better!!!!!

  • Jessica Hickey
    Jessica Hickey

    Dude if any of us in my family left each other because we were taking too long we would’ve gotten in so much trouble lol like it did not matter if we had things to do. Rip

  • Camille Wydemans
    Camille Wydemans

    I stopped what i was doing just to watch this. These are so good and relatable and I love that you're actually real and don't pretend that you're a picture perfect family.

  • Siddhika Nepal
    Siddhika Nepal

    so excited to watch this vid!! thank u hannah for keeping us entertained during quarantine. i love u!! hope u have a good day

  • medivuiek kroswik
    medivuiek kroswik

    I swear this family is the most organized family I’ve seen on IRglo and I love this! Y’all are adorable 💕🙌🏻

  • Brooke Mastro
    Brooke Mastro

    Your videos are making quarentine a little easier🥺❤️

  • Angelina Clardy
    Angelina Clardy

    i feel like the boys should appreciate the schedule a little more i’ve been going to bed at 4 and waking up at like 12-1 and it sucks because i feel like i get nothing done and i feel lazy all day