surprising my boyfriend with post malone tickets (fail lol)
Hannah Meloche
surprising my boyfriend with post malone tickets but it was a fail! Thank's Seatgeek for sponsoring this video! Use the code "HANNAH" if you want $20 off your first order:
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  • DenimAndLeather

    I like the fact that you are a sweet teenager with parents concerned for your safety and going out on a school night, AND are completely understanding about it. You're a good influencer here on YT!

  • Lucinda Burgess
    Lucinda Burgess

    u & jacob are literally THE cutest hands down !!!

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez

    lol Hannah being nervous and awkward around her boyfriend while handing the tickets is so cute haha! I hope the future holds good things for you both !!💛

  • Haylie Bragg
    Haylie Bragg

    I love hannah so freaking much and is literally my fav IRglor

  • Lexi Rossi
    Lexi Rossi

    DANG GIRL you are being sponsored by all the big things🙀 I’m so so freaking proud😭❤️

  • abby hicks
    abby hicks

    you guys are literally so cute, my parents❤️❤️

  • Jurnee

    You’re so positive! And it’s sooo beautiful to see you have an amazing personality! I just started watching u a few weeks ago but I already love you and your content 💛🧡💛🧡💛 and you’re right it’s definitely the thought that counts and you’re a great person

  • Anjali Joshi-Dave
    Anjali Joshi-Dave

    i love you and your videos, thank you for always making me happy!

  • Amelia O
    Amelia O

    you're so genuine it makes my heart melt

  • anna n
    anna n

    aw hannah!! you are such a great youtuber and such an inspiration!! i love your videos and have seen almost all of them i think... but i will always be supporting you girl!!

  • Orlena Abbott
    Orlena Abbott

    Awe I love how optimistic you were bout the situation. You guys are awesome!

  • Ava racioppi
    Ava racioppi

    Awww so cute this made my smile:)) u guys are an amazing couple 💕

  • Teresita Cerdon
    Teresita Cerdon

    it’s the thought that counts !! 😂

  • SimplyFreshdew

    this was really entertaining and different .... I CANT WAIT FOR UR SUMMER VIDEOS!!! 😭😩😩

  • Clotilde

    Loved this!! You and Jacob are SO cute, hope you make a video together just in front of the camera, or maybe 'Boyfriend tag'. LOTS OF LOVE, remember to take care of yourself, be happy and spread good vibes🤗 A huge hug from Spain, really hope you come here soon! xx

  • eve monty
    eve monty


  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise

    You and your boyfriend are absolutely goals! Love you so much Hannah💜💜

  • Lourdes Occ
    Lourdes Occ

    You are so genuine! And you've got a really good vibe! I hope you get the chance to see post malone in the future :)

  • Emily Venizia
    Emily Venizia

    Love your channel❤️❤️ you are so awesome and amazing, hope to see more videos soon!!!

  • tylar strickland
    tylar strickland

    Omg I love you so much! Thank you for inspiring me to stay happy 24/7!