it's hard making friends
Hannah Meloche
it's hard making friends! fact!
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i missed you guys
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  • Christine Stewart
    Christine Stewart

    Making friends is like looking for love, when you stop trying so hard is when it all happens .

  • lucy b
    lucy b

    the older I get, the harder it is for me to make friends. I think part of that is the fact that I'm learning the importance of authenticity, and I'm not willing to sacrifice parts of myself to please people (which is what I did for most of my school years). but the flip side of that is, when I do make friends now, those friendships are able to be so much deeper and substantial because both parties are aiming for authenticity. all the love<3

  • Carly Alvo
    Carly Alvo

    it is rlly hard making friends. I'm 15 & feel like ppl my age r just so judgmental. I feel like I am genuinely a rlly good friend and I'm there for literally everyone but it's not the same in return so I only have a few close friends. It's rlly hard to find good ppl but once u do it's so worth it. I live in nyc and although I'm 15 so we can't rlly be friends, my brother is 19 and has tons of friends around ur age who I'm sure wld loveee to be friends w u while ur here!

  • CrayCrayJay

    when you met joshua is SCREAMED

  • Allison Lujan
    Allison Lujan

    I met you in 2019 at Coachella, you were so nice and genuine! It really is hard to find real friends ahhh

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    I definitely agree that its hard to make friends, I’m 16 and I only have like two friends that I can completely trust and the also the thing with how everyone has their groups and it’s hard to try to get into those groups

  • Samantha

    the fact that you met josh is amazing! so happy for you!!

  • Fionn Mill
    Fionn Mill

    Paige Secosky is the cutest NYC IRglor imo, she gives off such big sister energy and I feel like you guys would vibe

  • cadence luther
    cadence luther

    who else was just binge watching her videos, and then clicked on this because the title was so relatable?! i love you hannah! merry christmas 🎄 💗

  • noa elliott
    noa elliott

    I loved your idea of making small everyday steps to make new friends :)

  • Ashtyn Leighann
    Ashtyn Leighann

    Loved this video!!🤗 I have such a hard time making friends too it’s crazy especially as an adult it’s so hard to make new friends!

  • Quindella Dodson
    Quindella Dodson

    This is just what I needed today. Thank you, Hannah<3

  • King Jojo
    King Jojo

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket here🔥

  • Isabella DeToma
    Isabella DeToma

    I’m legit 24, working from home in a new job with coworkers that are mostly all older than me, and it is so hard making new friends.

  • Makyden Parreira
    Makyden Parreira

    I’m so proud of you!❤️

  • grace grbach
    grace grbach

    i love u Hannah. u help me to calm down and really just appreciate the little things and work on being kind to myself. thank you.

  • Miranda Flores
    Miranda Flores

    Off topic but your skin is absolutely GLOWING Hannah! Beautiful as always 💓

  • danae gous
    danae gous

    I love how real you are <3

  • Kristin Ambrose
    Kristin Ambrose

    I graduated college and moved to nyc a few years ago and I love it here now, but making friends is still SO HARD!! If I ever run into you on the street Hannah, consider us FRIENDS. I’ll be like your cool older sister haha 🥰

  • Bri B
    Bri B

    it’s super hard making friends ! i feel that.. i didn’t finish elementary school because kids suck and then i tried high school for 3 days but that didn’t go over well…. people suck. keep a small circle of good people around you 💗☺️