why i dropped out of college... and plans to go back?
Hannah Meloche
howdy friends! hi yes it's me a life update was much needed! i talked a bit more about college and what my plans are with living situations (as of now) but hey anything could happen and i'm just trusting the process right now!
i definitely wanna chat more and keep you guys updated so more of that to come
trust yourself and believe in yourself! we all don't know whats goin on but as long as you're doing your best that's all you can do
i'll be on instagram if you want daily updates as to what im up to!
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i love you!

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  • Skye Sonnega
    Skye Sonnega

    I’m not religious but I love to see that you’ve found peace in something that helps you keep pushing forward. We could all use a little bit more of your patience and flexibility. Life has a funny way of working itself out. Keep doing you Hannah!❤️

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D.

    As a pre med student I feel this SOOO much! I love your honesty and transparency. Continue to do what makes you happy we believe in you Hannah 💜

  • MaskitMati

    Hannah, thank you for being so real. I usually can't sit through sit-down videos but you are very engaging and real. Hope you have a lovely day MWAH ❣️

  • linajayyy

    As someone who didn’t take the college route at first. I’m glad I’m now on it. I’m one year away from becoming a nurse, and I’ve grown to love being a nursing major and even want to further go in my masters to get official become a pediatric nurse. Life’s crazy. I never took this route bc I was scared I wasn’t good enough. Grateful for everything ❤️.

  • Grace Chaffinch
    Grace Chaffinch

    Love how you’re sharing more about your faith. The world needs to hear it!!

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose

    i love how open hannah is with her relationship with god!! honestly so inspiring to see a influencer with such a big platform speak about faith! have a beautiful day🤍

  • Diana Musa
    Diana Musa

    Hannah I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. I am almost going to be 21 too ahh, but about a year ago I decided to give my life to God and put all my worries and stress in his hands and wow do you become such a different person. I mean I wasn't mean or anything, but very depressed and would always talk myself down a lot (I still do but it's not as bad). But God loves you and let me tell you how HAPPY he is to see that you are reading the Bible and coming to him. So what, if you missed a couple of days or weeks, do your best to read it every night and study it if you ever have time!

  • Rosa-Marie

    Love that you are opening up and taking about all of this 💓 sending love

  • Alex

    That’s so interesting that you mentioned confidence, because I am really struggling with this right now. Thank you for pointing it out and explained how important it is to yourself but also so others really see you.

  • Anna Blevins
    Anna Blevins

    Love this Hannah! So excited to hear about your faith!

  • talia

    hey thanks for sharing your story :) journaling has been SOOO helpful for me too, i've kept a consistent journal since i was 10. also happy to hear you talk about your trust in God. and ive struggled with anxiety my whole life so i feel you girl. you're doing great and its amazing to see you growing and learning and discovering yourself. i hope you have a great week <3

  • Ava Murphy
    Ava Murphy

    hey hannah:) I really love these types of vlogs and hearing about the things you do that make you happy and how you are putting trust in yourself and in god :) it helps me do the same!

  • Tiff 🥀🖤
    Tiff 🥀🖤

    I totally understand the whole college thing, sometimes people realize that college isn't what they wanna do once they are in it or it's just too stressful for them. And that's 100% okay. Just because college isn't for you doesn't mean you don't have a path for yourself and you got your head on your shoulders girl! 😇💕

  • Jade Hansell
    Jade Hansell

    Thank you. I really needed to hear this. I’ve been thinking for ages about dropping out of uni because I don’t like what im studying and just doing it because I thought that is what I was supposed to do. I’ve been doubting myself but watching this has really helped me see another perspective

  • LizzooOoo

    Hannah I appreciate how much you are honest ! Even when it’s not the best mood or day, you’re transparency is brave and beautiful 💕

  • Lexi Hughes
    Lexi Hughes

    i always love your content, it’s been really hard these last couple of years deciding what i’ve wanted do and where to go to school. you’re always inspiring to se what you do💙

  • Rachel Gregory
    Rachel Gregory

    Love u so much Hannah!! Thank u for sharing ur story and I’m so proud of u for everything that u accomplished💗

  • Keke

    as someone who has graduated undergrad i totally understand the questioning! it is so HARD and it’s a lot of pressure on our shoulders. i fully support ppl finding their true path based on their feelings and no pressure or expectations from society. when you know your passion you know and for some it’s achieved through school and for others it can be a plethora of different routes! follow your heart guys 🤍

  • Priscilla S
    Priscilla S

    I’ve been following you for sometime. It’s so refreshing seeing someone be so transparent about their lives, life’s not perfect and neither are we. Trying to do your best every day and being happy is all that really matters. Glad to hear God has helped you through your hard times 😊 hoping the best for you always 🧡

  • Taylor

    Thank you for always being so real Hannah! Wishing you nothing but the best 💞