typical work day in my life
Hannah Meloche
come to work with me! i don't normally talk about the behind the scenes much so here's generally what goes down! so freaking blessed to call this my job and it's because of YOU watching the video and reading this description... thank you for believing in me i love you
the coastal collection: starlitevillage.com/collections
thank you for all the love and support so far we LOVE working with morgan she's incredibly talented and cannot wait to create some more pieces with her
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  • Ariel Roberts
    Ariel Roberts

    I love when people show their workdays and talk about business!

  • Jessica Fretwell
    Jessica Fretwell

    Man this coastal collection is stunning I went straight to the website to buy the necklace and earrings and a ring and then I saw the price and got so bummed I cannot justify paying that right now when I’m broke AF but all the hard work put into the jewelry of course y’all should be paid accordingly ❤️ maybe I’ll snag one when my tax refund comes in 😂 luv u 😘😘😘

  • ava Conner
    ava Conner

    these vlogs and friendships grow stronger and better each day. ilysm <3

  • Tiff 🥀🖤
    Tiff 🥀🖤

    I love how you can just go outside whenever you want and go swimming or to the beach! What a dream! 😍🥺

  • Sofia Dickson
    Sofia Dickson

    This video was so real! I feel like this is the most of your day I’ve ever seen and I’m so here for it

  • G w y n e t h I k e r m a n
    G w y n e t h I k e r m a n

    Hannah never fails to inspire me!! I’ve been watching her since I was 13!!💓💓

  • Lydia BSK
    Lydia BSK

    love the vlog Hannah, was so chill and soothing to watch. more day in a life vlogs soon!

  • Julia Hundley
    Julia Hundley

    these videos are genuinely helping me out of such. bad rut. i though i had my shit together but i was really just pushing down everything negative and now i’m burnt out. i’m getting that sparkle back one day at a time. hannah you’re perfect !!

  • noa elliott
    noa elliott

    I really love what you said about your new goals for starlight this year!! I think it's so amazing that you want to focus more on sustainability and the stories that are behind every piece of jewelry ❤

  • Aaliyah Henson
    Aaliyah Henson

    loved this video and all the vibes that came with it! you’re so inspiring hannah <333

  • Sophia Morales
    Sophia Morales

    this is one of my fav vlogs u've ever made I loved the more relaxed mood and mer's editing was everything!

  • Ellie Beck
    Ellie Beck

    Ooh, I’m really liking this work day vlog! Good work, Hannah 👍❤️

  • Leah Piper
    Leah Piper

    I'm so happy for Hannah

  • Kayla Dotson
    Kayla Dotson

    I genuinely envy everything u have the will power to do. To go to the beach by urself is honestly on another level of maturity, self growth, and love. Ty for the inspiration💕

  • Jewel Aspen
    Jewel Aspen

    Love this vlog Hannah! Need more of you talking about the business side of things!

  • Annabelle Maloney
    Annabelle Maloney

    Your videos always inspire me and remind me to keep going.

  • Hannah St
    Hannah St

    Thank you for posting ✨ so grateful that I get to see your vlogs and a part of your life. I hope you are doing fine and I pray that the next day will be filled with success, light and laughter 😄💕 God’s plan for you is amazing and the way he shines through you is wonderful 🔥 lots of love

  • Elise Curran
    Elise Curran

    i love when you show us the business side of things!!!

  • Edward Lee California USA
    Edward Lee California USA

    Hannah I just wanted to say that your vlogs is sooo beautiful yessss I'm proud of you and I loved your channel because you are sweetheart and you are amazing Supporter happy Friday

  • Laura Casp
    Laura Casp

    Love this video, so cool to see what you are doing it seem so cool. I would love to see some more business/entrepreuneur especially about Starlight like how did you start, how do you organise everything cause it really intrigate and inspire me. Anyways thanks for always bringing chill sunny beachy vibe, love it 💙🙏🏻